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All about Cadastre


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clip_image002Reflections and other issues

clip_image003Other Cadastre topics

  • A standard model for the cadastre
  • What’s first, the cadastre or land management?
  • Using cadastre as a support for sustainable development
  • Where to find maps from El Salvador
  • Central America searches an only mortgage
  • The ethics and the specialty of the geomaticals
  • Tolerances permitted in cadastral surveying
  • The Permanent Committee of cadastre in Iber-America (CPCI)
  • Confusions of 2014 Cadastre myth
  • Stages of appraised municipal management

clip_image004Tricks with technologies

clip_image005Documents and manuals

clip_image006International Courses

clip_image007Training Workshops

clip_image008Field Surveying and equipment

clip_image009Other articles that mention Cadastre

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