Download total station data

Time ago we saw a guide for the use of total station in the cadastre; in this, appears the capture of information.

Now we’ll see how to download data to the computer, using one of the guides that made by one of my technicians. Indeed, it’s a great job. I’m using for this:

Sokkia total station set 520

USB Data Transfer Cable

Prolink 1.15

1.  The earlier “extra gft”

clip_image001For some strange reason, the transfer cable was damaged a few times with my first total station. Although the boys are careful, we couldn’t find any reasons; rather than the possibility that, not having belt with which to tie the cow’s tail, it must have been used for that purpose… with similar results.


I’ve seen a transfer cable (as shown in picture) that has the bulb where the chip is inserted; when it’s placed at the end, it is more efficient than if it’s placed at its center. I think that in that fucking desperation, they inserted and removed the cable in a quickly and wrong way, and that was the reason the chip was burnt.

2.Prepare the station for the transfer

Having connected the transfer cable (USB to serial converter), then indicate that what we hope is to transfer data, and which jobs:

MEM> JOB> then we press Enter.

In the next panel select Comms Output, and then press Enter.


Then select the work to be transferred. Note that, when selected, instead of appearing the amount of captured points, text is changed to Out, which means it is ready to be transferred.


What follows is just to select the OK option, with SDR33 format, and then appears a message which indicates that data is being transferred and the amount of points in the process. Mind you, this is done until it is set up the connection from the Prolink, which is explained below.

3. Configuring Prolink

The project. To do this, we do File> New Project, and assign the file name that will be store in SPP format. This may be open in the future, in case we close the program and need to go back to the same project. There is a new project for each JOB; if not … you will tell me.


The connection. Now we press the reception icon, or choose these command’s sequence File > Send-receive. Then we will see the download panel, where we will set some parameters:


clip_image008In Settings, we will establish that the port to use will be COM4, the Baud rate chosen 1200, none parity, 8 data bits and stop bits 1. This is done only once, and sometimes you have to try more than one port.

With the Connect button, the connection is tested and if found, the station will be visible with the name:

Powerset File SDR.

The button changes from the Connect to the Disconnect option.

The transfer. Once selected, with the transfer button (the Middle arrow), the download is active.

clip_image009Beware, at this time the sending must be activated from the total station, as it’s mentioned at the end of paragraph 2.

Finally, you should see the complete transfer message. What happiness, the cow did not damage the cable.

Import / Export. So far, what we have done is to transfer the data set. To import the set to the panel, do File> Import, select the downloaded package and then we can see the raw data.


What come are export points to DXF. Thus, it becomes File> Export, and chooses the point with annotations.


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  1. Hi

    I am trying to upload data from Prolink 1.15 to Allegro Data Logger. I need to have COMMA.TDF installed in order to upload CSV files. Where can I get hold of this COMMA.TDF?



  2. hi
    i have sokkia set 510 and want to download data . please tell me from where i can download the software of downloading data( prolink 1.15)

  3. Hey My dear friends please visit this type of web site you get the prolink1.15

    software man

    Thanking you


    1. Mr. Gangeyan please tall me how download the data(coordinates) from PC to total station(sokkia510)
      if u not mined tall me one by one steps plsss.
      if u like miss cal me no 00968-94061039. i will cal back u plsss

  4. Jain Varghese says:

    I have sokkia st02N total station, i need to know the download format which can be open in auto cad
    Please help…..!

    1. can you know the prolink if you know the prolink softwear its so simple the method is so longer i can explant if you want you can call me 00923488153004 this number

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