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A cheap choice for real GIS users

How to make IMS with Manifold GIS

1. Activate the Internet Information Servers IIS IIS, for those born after 90, is what before came in the Windows NT Option Pack, Windows XP Professional already brings integrated, but usually you have to activate it. To do this, it is done: “Start / Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs / add or remove windows components”

SuperGIS, first impression

In our Western context SuperGIS has not reached a significant position, however in the East, speaking of countries like India, China, Taiwan, Singapore -to name a few- SuperGIS has interesting positioning. I have planned to test these tools during 2013 as I have done with Manifold GIS and gvSIG, comparing its functionality; but for now

Geographic information system using Manifold GIS

This is one of those products that gives you pleasure to have pushed, and that in the spirit for which was built now is available to the community. It’s a manual that explains how to implement a municipal geographic information system using Manifold GIS. Edited versions of these products were built as part of a

Google Earth; visual support for cartographers

Google Earth beyond being a tool for general entertainment has also become a visual support for mapping, both to show results as to review if work done is consistent; it also serves as a teaching tool for geography or geodesy classes. In this case I’m going to get assisted by Manifold GIS to build the

Manifold, topology and modular structure

I get a request for someone who studies Geomatics in the UTEM in Chile and a teacher has delegated him a task on Manifold, so I take to post about it. 1. Does Manifold support topology? Yes, for this we must activate the shared editing option “edit / shared edit” Thus, vector content that shares

Manifold IMS, doing something else

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. In the previous post we saw how to create an IMS service, mounted on the basic damned template that comes by default. Now let’s see how to make interaction between one and another map by using the hyperlinks option and some code. The

More problems with Manifold IMS

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post 1. Can I mount IMS served by Manifold on a server with Linux RedHat operating system and Apache Server? Yes, it is possible to mount it on Apache, because there is way to support routines IIS. But it is definitely not possible to

Connecting a MySQL database with Manifold GIS

These days I will be busy, I hope your patience but I have to smoke the green for this; I want to connect a system with data in MySQL with the mapping system stored in Manifold GIS. Manifold does this via ODBC in a simple way, also from MySQL I could create a data service

Where are Manifold GIS users?

Some time ago, a Dutch technologies’ guru told me this phrase: “Honestly, I am surprised about what Manifold’s page says” “What happens is that I’ve never seen running it on a machine” This week, Patrick Webber – from Spatial Knowledge – has made a reckless statement that is sure it has been shaken the same

Attach a map with an Excel table

I want to attach an Excel table to a map in shp format. The table is being modified, so I don’t want to convert it to dbf format, or put it in the geodatabase. It is a good exercise to kill the leisure of this holiday and, by the fly, take a look at ArcGIS

Contours with Manifold GIS

Testing what Manifold GIS makes with digital models; I find that the toy does more than what we have seen for simple spatial management. I’ll use an example the model we created in the exercise of streets with Civil 3D. Import a digital model In this, Manifold is strongly powerful, it can imports the common

Comparative of topography GIS software

Wouldn’t anyone like to have a table that compares different types of GIS software with topography’s features in order to make a decision on purchase? Well, such a thing exists at Point of Beginning, and it includes not only popular use software such as Autodesk, ESRI, MapInfo or Intergraph but also equipment manufacturers like Topcon,

Topological cleaning

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. It is called in that way GIS tools action of eliminate vectors inconsistencies to commonly accepted standards in the spatial topology. Each tool has been implemented in their own way; consider the case of Bentley Map and Manifold GIS. Microstation Geographics Microstation includes