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Adjusting data based on a more precise survey


This is an example of a common problem that is happening to me now. I have done a survey earlier with a less precise method, possibly with GPS, tape and compass. The fact is that when mounting the total station, we realize that the information occupies a deformation.

The matter is that if it is only taken the external vertexes measure, adjustment to internal is madness.

Let’s see how to do it with AutoCAD Civil 3D:

Simple, select Map> Tools> rubber sheet

Then, the program prompts you to indicate the points to move and the control points. The order is: first, the point that we know is wrong (base point), then the point to where it must be moved (reference point).

When every point has already been indicated, press the enter key. Then the program requests objects that we expect to adjust, it must be selected all land boundaries and turns to make Enter.

Here in this part is where I miss Microstation, because there it could be switched on or off the levels without having to stop the current command. Here it is not possible, there should be off the levels that do not wish to select in the active window.

And there you have it: The more existing control points, the better. Of course, there must be nodes at the vertexes, to keep the topological cleaning.

clip_image002It is clear that for a massive work it isn’t recommended to do in a single step, it’s better to do so by block. Just see at the bottom of lands 4 and 5, point didn’t move because we didn’t take that vertex; which implies that it should go to take or manually edit the lines in case there doesn’t exist a break.


The tool looks very practical, far more than Microstation does from tools> warp coordinates

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