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How to download AutoCAD 2018 – Educational version

The AutoCAD educational versions are fully functional for both students and teachers. To download AutoCAD, you must follow the following steps: Access the AutoDesk website. Enter your account or create a new one. You must choose the download link for the educational version: In this case, I am selecting the license I need for […]

Microstation V8i: Task Navigation

From the most innovative I have seen on the fly in Microstation V8i, is the navigation bar known as Task Navigation which really gives a new face to the commands handling and possibly send the key in to recycling. Why a bar CAD programs have the particularity of having thousands of commands, which are romantically […]

AutoCAD 2012 top news, part one

Finally, as announced by this date, Autodesk has provided all the information concerning the latest AutoCAD 2012. Similarly, it has provided what it implies for other disciplines, with exception of AutoCAD for Mac, which still stands on what we saw last year in the 2011 version. From the outset, we are pleased that it was […]

Free AutoCAD course

Not knowing AutoCAD is no excuse in these days of connectivity. Now you can find online manuals with videos for free. This option I show you is perhaps the best alternative course to learn AutoCAD easily. This is Luis Manuel González Nava work which version existed in a 565 pages printed book and two DVDs, […]

Ares, a CAD alternative for Linux and Mac

There haven’t been many aided design solutions that go beyond Windows. ArchiCAD had been rather lonely on the Mac, AutoCAD now has decided to enter this market, and Ares is another interesting alternative. Its name does not sound us like AutoCAD, with the shadow made by that P2P downloadable program and what remind us the […]

Webcast: Roads & Highways – Planning Ahead

Autodesk is inviting to join as a continuation of the CE News and Autodesk webcast series on Overcoming Our Infrastructure Deficits. On June 2nd.  They hope the interested for a presentation entitled: Roads & Highways – Planning Ahead Thursday, June 2, 2011 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time You can Join in and earn PDH […]

Bentley Announces AECOsim Family

Helps Deliver High Performance, Intelligent Buildings; AECOsim Compliance Manager Is Immediately Available, and AECOsim Building Designer and AECOsim Energy Simulator Are Continuing Early Adopter Programs Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, today introduced at this annual gathering of infrastructure professionals its new AECOsim family of information […]

AutoCAD WS, the best of AutoDesk for web

AutoCAD WS is the name with which landed the Butterfly Project, that after AutoDesk’s many attempts wanting to interact with the Web, ended in the acquire of the Sequoia-Backed Israeli Company, who had been working PlanPlatform to interact with DXF / DWG files through the web. It is one of the most promising applications of […]

Ipad, my 27 favorite applications

Playing, playing with this tablet I proposed to stop using the laptop at the beginning of next year. My uncertainty whether it will really be possible led me to search the basic tools that will replace what I do – and don’t do – in my routine. It is just interesting Apple’s operating model with […]

7 Magazines in the geomatics’ environment

The way things are communicated has changed a lot with the evolution of knowledge management systems. Talking about magazines today is not the same as 25 years ago; the variety of formats has given greater riches and every day is left static or printed versions by learning communities. All of this contributes to make information […]

Facebook: videos for surveyors

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. At giant steps Facebook is becoming a common tool for business and education. Being an “Internet of people” companies have become the first look at the people interconnected with each other, which has given it a value beyond the conventional network. One of […]

Exploiting twitter: Be Inspired

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. If my cousin had used twitter, the vocal cords of my aunt (RIP) would have better life. Many things have changed in the way news is shouted. Life was simpler 35 years ago, after the second journey of classes,-because they were two– nothing […]

AutoCAD returns to Mac

There is no doubt that the Mac’s world is better, but our doubts for moving were always: and what do I do with AutoCAD? Who would have believed it, when, after 1994 AutoCAD R13c42b was the last version we saw half running on PowerMacintosh. 18 years later AutoCAD returns for Mac. Just this year it […]

Tips: How to start writing an article

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post Everyone wants to write about something, the issue is quite clear like to whom it is addressed and what they hope to achieve with the subject is also clear. But they are whipped by this phobia: How do I start? How do I […]

How to make small a dgn / dwg file size

Happens that if we have a file with lots of information, for example a dgn with 70 layers (levels), in some moment we split it removing some levels to put them in another layer, results that the original file remains the same size. Even we can erase all data and remains the same, although it […]

Microstation: layout for printing

Doing this with AutoCAD has a different logic, and perhaps that is why some who try to do it with Microstation have difficulty. On one hand, because there is not much help about how to do it and in the other, that the way to do it is not just as AutoCAD does. For this, […]

The magic of Facebook

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post Some time ago I was so reluctant to get into the social network, convinced that it was for teens that deal their time sending pictures and telling the color of pants they’re walking with. But the differences between this initiative and others like […]

Version Differences between MobileMapper Office and MobileMapper 6 Office

In the last post we have been talking about data downloaded from Magellan devices, and there arises the need for clarification on various MobileMapper Office versions. The MobileMapper 6 Office This is software that comes when it’s bought a MobileMapper 6,it is a new software, which just goes by the 1.01.01 version The utility that […]