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All about AutoCAD


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Download AutoCAD


Tricks with AutoCAD


AutoCAD blocks

  • GaliciaCad, many free resources
  • BlocksPortal, +12,000 AutoCAD blocks
    More blocks for AutoCAD
    How to convert cells to AutoCAD blocks
    Looking for blocks to AutoCAD?


AutoCAD Civil 3D and AutoCAD Map


Tricks and tools for surveying

clip_image007AutoCAD Manuals and training


Other AutoDesk products

clip_image009AutoCAD Interaction with Excel

  • From Excel to AutoCAD, more easier never
  • Build polygon based on bearings and distances in an Excel table
  • Import Excel tables to AutoCAD or Microstation
  • Converting coordinates UTM to geographical with Excel
  • From Excel to AutoCAD, a summary of the best from this
  • Export coordinates from CAD to txt
  • Build polygon with AutoCAD and Excel
  • How to import points from Excel to AutoCAD

clip_image010AutoCAD Integration with Google Earth

clip_image011AutoCAD Interaction with GIS


Comparison with other products

clip_image013About AutoCAD and AutoDesk

clip_image014Other articles where AutoCAD is mentioned

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