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All about Microstation

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clip_image002[3]About Microstation and Bentley Systems


clip_image003[3]Tricks with Microstation


clip_image004[3]Cells for Microstation


  • Where to find cells for Microstation
  • How to convert cells to AutoCAD blocks

clip_image005[3]Bentley Map and Microstation Geographics


clip_image006[3]Tricks and cadastre , Engineering and topography Tools


clip_image007[3]Microstation Manuals and training


clip_image008[3]Other Bentley Systems products


clip_image009[3]Interaction between Microstation and Excel



  • Built a polygon based on bearings and distances in an Excel table
  • Import Excel Tables from AutoCAD or Microstation
  • From Excel to AutoCAD, a summary of the best
  • Bearings’ and distances’ table in interactive Excel with Microstation
  • Export coordinates from CAD to txt

clip_image010[3]Microstation Integration with Google Earth


clip_image011[3]Microstation Interaction with GIS


clip_image012[3]Comparison with other products


clip_image013[3]Events and Bentley Conferences


clip_image014[3]Other articles where Microstation is mentioned



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