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What is eGeomate

logo (2)eGeomate is a website dedicated to the promotion of initiatives in the area of ​​Information Technology, with priority focus on geomatics and its relationship with technologies used in the fields CAD / CAE / GIS.
Hence the priority of the contents are based on review exercises and use of popularized software in the Engineering, Geographic Information Systems.

A summary of the main topics can be seen in the indexes of program content as:

In eGeomate is common the comparison and interaction between the mentioned above programs and lines within the same brands. A more extensive list of software that has been reviewed by eGeomate see this link, perhaps the internal links are not finished.

eGeomate thematic

As a result inherent to the technologies mentioned above, this site focuses its efforts on aspects related to land management such as:

eGeomate also thrives on the creation of ordinary people, so that eventually remains subject of literary content, cultural or simple journey… reminding us we still alive and beyond the technological toys there´s time for humor in pocket format.
modelo-multicapa-4eGeomate is intended as a contribution to knowledge management, relying on the democratization of resources on common geospatial environment.  Initiatives are promoted as an Open Source business model edge and the lawful use of software and content in intellectual property that enables sustainability in the sector.
We promote the combination of these spaces, both free and exclusive use as a vital complement of sustainability in business model representing the computing platforms, services and systematizing formal democratic self-knowledge.

eGeomate authors

eGeomate was born in Honduras, Central America in 2007.  In the time has and preserves alliances with various partners in Spain, U.S., Central America, Netherlands, Peru, Mexico and Uruguay .

editor (at) egeomate (dot) com
You can also follow up the issues through the following social media:

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  1. Ozan BEKTAŞ

    merhaba iyi akşamlar, ARCGIS ile ilgili bir sıkıntı yaşıyorum. Sorunum, Arcmap içinde iken eklediğimiz shp dosyasına sağ tık-open attribute dedikten sonra add field diyerek yeni oluşturduğumuz kolona yukarıdan aşağıya doğru 1-2-3-4 şeklinde sırayla rakam yazmanın kısa bir yolu var mı ? geçen gün tek tek yazmak zorunda kaldım 2 saatimi aldı da kurcaladım anladığım kadarıyla bulamadım nasıl yapacağımı, teşekkürler iyi akşamlar…

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