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egeomate is a magazine specialized in geospatial themes, specially in the training of CAD / CAM / CAE / GIS tools

If Egeomate’s Spanish version had 100 readers

This article reflects the statistics taken from January to October 2011 from Google Analytics, and simplified to the case were only 100 readers of this page. Clearly it’s a reflection of the Hispanic context that would be different if I had a priority in another language or public. But if the data can be useful

Long Now, an eGeomate of 10.000 years

Have you ever found on Facebook, a school’s picture where you studied, completely changed, modern or falling to pieces? Then you realize that many who lived on the same stage are there on Facebook, tagged in a photo taken with a Kodak 110 mm. As you discover more people you find out there are more

Global statistics of Internet users

Recently Successful Exporter has been updated global statistics to the year 2011 related to the penetration and globally Internet use. Perhaps, it’s one of the best sources for this type of information consultation, not only at continent level, but at country and language level. I take this post to show some data, and trends in

egeomate, my private life

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. I was recently in a media communication interview, who wanted to know how is the way of life of a blogger who spends two hours of the night to write for a nearly anonymous world. It was easy to talk about it, but

2010 legacy

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. What do I say, when I’m near a few hours to go on holiday; so I leave what the wind was about to take and what a fucking stuck because the golden goal is no longer valid. Although in a couple of topics

Will PCs die for CAD/GIS users?

With what it has cost us to take out the drawing board from the office… Do technical drawing-men have to return to that position? The issue is being discussed in general terms, and not without reason. I’m sure we’re about to see the PC desktop as the print post office, only for special mailings. This

Do we occupy a robotic total station?

A few days ago I had a pleasant conversation with a egeomated friend on the use I’m now giving to the reflectance, and if a robot would help me in any way to minimize the time. Here I summarize part of the talk. What is what we call a robotic workstation. In short, is an

10 lines of a typical day

How didn’t occurred it to me before! …that no, I have not died. It’s just a fucking subdomain’s change. Impersonal?  You haven’t read me a couple of days ago. Simple redirect. WordPress MU is a calamity. Ah, there must be a little spinning wheel at the end. It’s also for renew the API of Google

Letter to my readers

My appreciate friends: after 925.41666666 days having started the publication of ideas in this space known as Geofumadas, and on the eve of a year about to start, I want to (and I feel I owe) shake the inkwell with explicit direction to the readers. On these days it is difficult to properly identify the

This is my last post

After almost three years of existence of the Geofumadas Blog, 813 entries and 2,504 comments, after a difficult month of stressful situations, it seems that everything ends up settling. This life is so, all the passions are often temporary, and this, it seems that has come to an end. Among the topics that made me

Finally I am free!

It has been an extremely complicated month, all for wanting to leave well closed administrative processes. Today, after going to collect the last messaging package that was pending, I sat for a moment to enjoy the feeling of having finished things well, and more than feel joy, I dropped the nostalgia of what happened to

eGeomate: Predictions 2010: Internet

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post to know more about Centro American Dishes and drinks. —— Of course I would like to have a crystal ball and perform like a magician, but it isn’t my claim, my attempt only passes to spend a while in this hammock which is

…What a month…

…It has arrived gvSIG stable 1.9 …We are about to start mounting the IDE on mapserver … Hit State, restitution, another coup, elections, nobody knows already what will happen … My brother is going to get married and the motorcyclist star too …Version 3.0 of is almost ready But this month, working by day,

Post number 801

This post should not be wasted in a vain topic, but the week will be busy if I want to go on a quiet holiday; so I will have to speak between lines (Spanish idiom: “hablar entre lineas” to do one thing, in this case writing the post while the other senses are captured by