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How to download AutoCAD 2018 – Educational version

The AutoCAD educational versions are fully functional for both students and teachers. To download AutoCAD, you must follow the following steps: Access the AutoDesk website. Enter your account or create a new one. You must choose the download link for the educational version: In this case, I am selecting the license I need for

Template to convert geographic coordinates to deg, UTM and AutoCAD

This Excel template is initially made to convert geographic coordinates in decimal to degrees, minutes and seconds. Just the opposite of the template that we had done before, as seen in this example: In addition: Concatenate them into a string Turn them to UTM coordinates, with an option to choose a Datum Concatenates point command

Linux has a new tool for native CAD

Unlike the geospatial area where Open Source applications outweigh the custodial, very little free software we have seen for CAD apart from the LibreCAD initiative which still has far to go. While Blender is a fairly robust tool, its orientation is to the animation and not to the CAD applied to engineering, Architecture and Construction.

5 trusted minutes for GeoCivil

GeoCivil is an interesting blog aimed to CAD / GIS tools use in the Civil Engineering area. Its author, a compatriot of El Salvador is a good example of the guidance that have taken the traditional classroom to – almost – learning communities in line; without doubt a milestone that thanks to the global connectivity

XYZtoCAD for working with AutoCAD coordinates

AutoCAD by itself only brings many features for coordinate management or tables’ creation from starting points. What Civil 3D makes, but basic version does not, and therefore when we go working coordinates generated by a total station, GPS or from doing stakeouts, we must resort to macros watered by there. But XYZtoCAD is not a

5 novelties in AutoCAD 2013

Some of the developments we’ve seen in the AutoCAD 2013 beta version called for this release Jaws, tells us what trends we would be seeing for April 2012, when it will be officially released, although we hardly digest what’s new in AutoCAD 2012.  Really some of this is coming from AutoCAD 2010 but with more

What’s new on AutoCAD ws 1.2

It was launched 1.2 version for AutoCAD 2011 WAS, that AutoDesk wonderful free application that lets work online and on mobile devices. It is a substantial improvement, although mobile version goes back to everything made by online working version. These improvements include: Layouts support. The best of this as before you could only work at

Convert lot of AutoCAD/Microstation files

It is common to find the need to convert lots of files in bulk: Some day comes to us a project of 45 dwg files in format AutoCAD 20112. We know that these files can be read in AutoCAD 2010 and 2011, but if the equipment where they will be displayed only has AutoCAD 2008

Choose Autodesk Solutions for Water Resources Projects

We are pleased to present two new screencast presentations to help you learn even more about Autodesk® Storm and Sanitary Analysis (SSA). Modeling Roadway Drainage with Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis This screencast outlines the roadway drainage capabilities of Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis. This presentation will introduce you to the inlet analysis and design

AutoCAD 2012 top news, part one

Finally, as announced by this date, Autodesk has provided all the information concerning the latest AutoCAD 2012. Similarly, it has provided what it implies for other disciplines, with exception of AutoCAD for Mac, which still stands on what we saw last year in the 2011 version. From the outset, we are pleased that it was

FastCAD, a shadow of AutoCAD

If you had never heard of FastCAD … you should. I know, it is possible it’s your first time to know this program exists, but I want to take me a bit of this ice cream night with Oreo cookies to show you a tool from which we have something to learn even in the

Free AutoCAD course

Not knowing AutoCAD is no excuse in these days of connectivity. Now you can find online manuals with videos for free. This option I show you is perhaps the best alternative course to learn AutoCAD easily. This is Luis Manuel González Nava work which version existed in a 565 pages printed book and two DVDs,

Ares, a CAD alternative for Linux and Mac

There haven’t been many aided design solutions that go beyond Windows. ArchiCAD had been rather lonely on the Mac, AutoCAD now has decided to enter this market, and Ares is another interesting alternative. Its name does not sound us like AutoCAD, with the shadow made by that P2P downloadable program and what remind us the

More videos for Civil 3D, AutoCAD and Revit Map

… The best, after AUGI MexCA left for maintenance… Some time ago I did an AUGI review in its tropical chapter and found a valuable amount of resources for AutoCAD Civil3D and Map technologies users. Unfortunately the site went into maintenance over a year ago, an update we have been waiting and will secure arrive

Projects Course with AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. For engineering projects, involving housing estates, roads, topography and pipe networks development, AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 is still a valuable tool. After the evolution that has been happening to this software, in 2011 version can be seen a much users maturity on getting

Webcast: Roads & Highways – Planning Ahead

Autodesk is inviting to join as a continuation of the CE News and Autodesk webcast series on Overcoming Our Infrastructure Deficits. On June 2nd.  They hope the interested for a presentation entitled: Roads & Highways – Planning Ahead Thursday, June 2, 2011 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time You can Join in and earn PDH