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The care of a total station


We are almost ready to begin the lifting phase; we have just conducted the operators’ first training, for now we make sure the team has a healthy life. At the end of the process the equipment will be donated to an entity we’ll create which will provide services to joint municipalities, this is why the exercise does not focus on the rise but in the process systematization. I take this post to discuss the basic cares that occupies a total station.

About its use

  • Do not use the instrument in areas exposed to large amounts of dust and ash.
  • To keep the battery out in short, while it’s stored, put insulating tape or something similar to the terminals.
  • Before closing the bag, make sure it’s dry the bag inside and the instrument, otherwise it may become moldy.
  • Never place the SET directly on the ground. Sand or dust may damage the screw holes or the screw used to focus the base.
  • Do not point the telescope towards the sun, it can damage instrument’s interior.
  • When the instrument is not in use, it should be covered with a vinyl cover.
  • Never transport the SET on the tripod.
  • Turn off the instrument before removing the battery.
  • When placing the SET in its suitcase to keep it for more than a day, remove the battery before.

On routine maintenance:

  • Regularly check there isn’t any dust or moisture particles coming into contact with the battery’s inside cover, with the terminals or the connectors.
  • Always clean the instrument before putting in the suitcase. First, brush the lens with its brush to remove dust, then provoke a small vapor condensation on the lens and wipe it with a soft cloth.
  • Do not use organic solvents to clean the screen, keyboard or suitcase.
  • If the instrument spends much time idle, you should perform maintenance every 3 months as minimum.
  • The case must always be closed even it’s empty to avoid moisture.

About the security

  • You might purchase an insurance to protect your investment, preferably covering theft and accidental damage.
  • Do not leave the set alone, it’s preferably to hire a technician to serve as vigilant and if possible acquire security services.
  • Do not move the equipment on public transport.
  • Avoid storing equipment and accessories in hotels or places that do not guarantee its responsibility.
  • Covers are not a good combination with the prism clip_image002

I was worried about insurance, but I got one for just $ 130 per year that covers theft, motor vehicle accidents, natural disasters and others.

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