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I expect a year of systematization

clip_image001This year I expect much to write and much less to travel. After chewing my systematization plan enough, I have come prematurely to the conclusion that by the end of the year I will have a few extra gray hairs. And all of this caused by my aim of going on inventions…

The goal of this systematization is not seeking to create “serious and scientific ideas” (smokes) that will become in official documents for Cadastre use, but it’s expected to be a compendium of document experiences and processes that will be practical tools based on what has been done in the last two years of the project.

Here is a sample of what awaits me, I have eliminated the institutional logo, the final printing will give a better design but as a draft proposal here it goes.

clip_image0021 General document

The general concept is based on a proposal for the municipality cadastre, taking advantage of scale economies, multipurpose use and a sustainability strategy in three areas: technical, technological and administrative.

Thus the more general document is the Methodological Process for the Municipal Cadastral Management, at very executive level but with conceptual detail in terms of joint management, spatial data infrastructure project and implementation of land registry.

3 Technical Reports

The previous document refers to and includes three intermediate products still within the municipal cadastre approach:

  • Technical Implementation
  • Administrative Process
  • Implementation Technologies

These contain more theoretical material than practical at technical report level, lower executive than the general document and with a good descriptive level of practice guidelines.


18 practical guides

Then in each area are a series of practical implementation guides (some manuals), these do have an end user approach but referred within the above mentioned documents, there is still a lack of priority because I do not think my gray hair fit so much and if it really does, it will give them an output order based on content that already exist. Among this are include:

Technical processes Technological Processes Administrative Processes
Urban Perimeter Mapping and Cadastre recovery Urban Uprising
Legislation applied to the Cadastre Implementation of GIS in the Cadastre Land Rural Survey
The multipurpose use of Cadastre Care Equipment Cadastral Valuation
Administrative Boundary Management and Conflict Resolution Digital Control of Cadastral Sheet Personnel training and accreditation
Cadastral Values Municipal Integration of National Cadastre Planning and Organization
Charge of buildings Digital Cadastre Maintenance Cadastral Conservation

This is an example of how would the practical guides be.

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