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MobileMapper 6 vrs. Juno SC

clip_image001I told you that I’m testing the MobileMapper 6, on this week we will do field test, but reading online I found that earlier on this year it was written an article based on a comparison test of these two instruments, here I’ll show the most important of this comparison can full download from this page.


MobileMapper 6 data were collected using the Magellan Mobile Mapping with postrpocessing option, then corrected with the MobileMapper Office

Trimble Juno data were collected using ArcPad 7.1 and Trimble GPScorrect then the clip_image002raw data were corrected with ArcMap 9.3 and Trimble GPS Analyst extension.

Both devices were mounted on a pole, in order to capture data under the same conditions and time. The exercise was performed by measuring a cul-de-sac, first by measuring with a ProMark 500 of 1 cm precision for future reference and then with the two devices tested.

The results

The following chart shows data collected before and after post-processing. Yellow lines correspond to Trimble (five courses), the blue to Magellan; look how, after the adjustment, MobileMapper capture is almost the same line.


In the next image data are compared (and post-processed), look how Trimble has serious problems when capturing points on the two corners at the foot of the building which makes interference, compared to the Magellan.


This is only visual, now see what happens if we compare with actual measurements in a table. It appears in the document individual tables as follows, but for our purposes I have joined them with a sophisticated program called MS Paint.




As you can see all the Magellan (in blue) measurements reflect submeter accuracy with 0.70 as maximum, with an average of 0.50. Whereas those of the Juno (in yellow) range from 0.40 to 5.30 and his average is 1.90.

It seems that BLADE technology implemented by Magellan makes this device generates accurate results very similar to what it has done by its predecessor known as the MobileMapper Pro, with some more advantages and above all at a great price if it considers that provides sub-meter accuracy.

Ah, in terms of price, this is the comparison to prices in the United States in March 2009, including the software used.

Magellan Price
MobileMapper 6 Receiver
Mobile Mapping Software
Post-processing Option
MobileMapper 6 Office
Total $1,495
Trimble Price
Juno SC Receiver
ESRI ArcPad Software
GPScorrect extension
GPS Analyst Extension for ESRI ArcGIS $1,995
ArcView $1,500
Total $5,294

Here you can see the full document, which explains most shooting conditions, accuracy and even precision under conditions of limited reception.

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