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Testing Promark 3 … only photos

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post.

It ended the course of which I had spoken; we were doing tests between GPS Magellan Promark3 and MobileMapper 6. It’s interesting, that in Survey mode you can shape a network, with which the post-processing is done not only with a single computer. In these circumstances it could have 2 centimeters’ precision in short times while with MobileMapper post-processing, with equipment would occupy more capture time if we want submeter precision.

The site chosen was a picturesque town, with very irregular topography, typical of these lands. After finding a place where fair’s noise would us affect less, we start the process.


We forgot that it was necessary to have lunch, the kids, very active (*), although the weather was crazy, on the first day of Agatha’s storm that made disasters in several Central American countries. By the way I recommend you to see the display of monitoring damage implemented by Segeplan… wow, how have these guys progressed since the last time I checked.

Before starting to talk about technical results, I leave some photos of what it doesn’t say the technical report.

clip_image002 How much will I get for this blown up on eBay …

… I would swear one of these devices is used by the boss to monitor us so we don’t get pregnant women…

God help me, how was thing … now, I remember…

Ups! I already forgot it again…

And that pal with that sort of sitting…
– … And do you think they will pay us for this?

– mmm … maybe they will give us lunch

– But it’s 3:00 o’clock pm!

clip_image006 See how nice!

They all go to prove the Ipods and leave us watching this base.

…and with cold weather that is doing.

… Note! You just have to see how that hill is.

Wow, this cable is a little longer. Maybe it works better than a cow’s belt. clip_image007


(*) pilas. Spanish jargon which means that someone is a very active person.

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