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Preparing for the course on ArcGIS

A little less than a week I start to feel the stress of an ArcGIS course, those who emerge no one knows where, you accept without knowing when, and that suddenly you’re committed in.


It’s a group of enthusiasts who don’t want to complicate with the unknown software, which have money and expect to integrate ArcGIS. For a moment I wanted to offer them other options, but in this case, ArcGIS is what is best for them, by a series of circumstances, including the provision of manuals and that I don’t have time for a longer course.

They need to integrate a cadastral system that as I see includes files with a succulent topological cleaning. It caused me satisfaction to know that these maps were constructed by the person who taught me MicroStation some years ago, hence that the draft they have is a crazy maintenance product and innocence in not applying the historical. This would facilitate to know where the changes and possible topological errors are.

For now, I’ve made a dietary proposal because neither they, nor I have time, less I have to move from one site to clip_image002another a couple of hours. In two weekends it will be covered the classroom training with tasks for the week and two weeks a support chat via Gmail chat.

Besides, it’ll be necessary to make some step by step tutorials of the 7 most common routines, which have been identified as:

  • Integration of CAD data
  • database integration
  • Analysis with other layers for planning
  • Cadastral Maintenance
  • Generation of maps for print
  • Interaction with Google Earth

There I’ll tell you how I’m in this, for now I’ve demanded them to have the machinery ready and to send me data examples so as to form the geodatabase. And, if all goes well, maybe those step by step tutorials and support tips end loaded on this blog.

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