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Me, Cadastre and Google Earth

I have just returned from my trip, it has been lived between folk meals, the pressure of the qualifying rounds for the football world cup and work’s satisfactions; so, here I leave an extract from some unforgettable phrases of our daily job.

The consultants:
-¡Hurry Up!
-dialog cleanup!The draftsmen:
-Uff!!!  When will the paying be?

The appraisers:
-It’s better not to remember anything…

The boss:
-Print screen!

Sokkia’s people:
-Put that shit in the trash…The appraisers:
-I want a copy

The Boss:
– And.., can Stitchmaps download videos from Youtube?

The draftsmen:
-It doesn’t superpose!!!!!

The geomatics:
-Uuuy, moved up to 6 metersThe consultants:
– It’s worse not to have anything (Spanish Idiom: “Peor es nada”)

The bosses:
-What accurate is Google Earth.

The majors:

My daughter:
-When do you come back?The Mexicans:
-Viva Cuatemoc

And me:
-ZZZzzzz… (sleeping).


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