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Bentley Cadastre: differences with Bentley Map and Power Map

clip_image001From MicroStation Geographics in 2004 it was launched the project known as XFM, which within the same V8 dgn format included XML capabilities. After the 8.9 version known as XM Bentley discontinued, Geographics launches Bentley Map, a different smoked regarding the handling of data, but with the same logic operation.

Migrating is now indisputable, for this I make the difference between the three programs available in market for these tasks; in this case, doing an emphasis in Cadastre, an interesting alternative for handling parcel.

Bentley Map: A complete version, which costs less than $ 1,500 with the requirement to use it “as such” requiring a license of MicroStation (more than $ clip_image0024,000). Is ideal for those who have MicroStation licenses and the only thing they are doing is implementing geospatial area or for those who come out of a project with the schema of Geographics.

Is not the goal of this post to see what Bentley Map makes, that among other things can generate 3D PDF and even supports 3D printers; that we will see another day, here can see more of Bentley Map

Bentley Cadastre: It is a Bentley Map adaptation, with functionalities for plotting use, some of them taken out from Geopak Survey and new topology routines implemented from XM. More or less (less than more) the tools provides by ESRI in Survey Analyst extension (Survey Editor, Cadastral Editor) and Cadastral Fabric. It costs less than $ 2,000 but equal to Map Bentley, MicroStation licenses is required.

Among the routines it has, and that does not come with Bentley Map are:

COGO Edition Data creation
-Close figure
-Cogo Digitizer
-Insert line with bound
-Insert curve
-Insert deflection line
-Insert no tangent arc
-Insert tangent
-Load by points
-Load by topologies
-Splitter polygons
-Delta XY
-Direction and distance
-Place in boundary
-Place over vertexes
-Create topology from linework
-Create topology from nodes
-Create topology from non associated polygons
-Export a linework
Dimensioning Plot Management
-Linear Adjustment
-Radial Mapping
-Rectangular Mapping
-Staking from File
-Staking Input
-Auto-label from texts
-Division of plots from a defined area
-Division of plots in equal areas
-Grouping of plots
Interoperability Ones not included from Bentley Map
-Importar de Land XML
-Exportar a Land XML
For obvious reasons it would mean the topological control not included in Coordinate Utilities:
-Fence warp
-Warp all (as fence)
-Warp setup
-Nor in utilities the free warp

Here you can see more of Bentley Cadastre

clip_image003Bentley Power Map: is a kind of economic version, as AutoCAD lite; curiously does almost everything Bentley Map makes, costs less than $ 1,500 and does not require a MicroStation license because brings it included. This is ideal for those who do not possess MicroStation licenses and will make an acquisition by first or in smaller quantities; it works similarly to Power Civil.

Includes everything bring in Bentley Map, even the mad warps not bring in Cadastre, and equal than Bentley Map does not bring anything of the wonders offer by Cadastre.

Disadvantages to Bentley Map are in the form of operating licenses:

-You cannot run other applications as you would if you were running a normal MicroStation license, I mean applications for engineering as Geopak, Inroads, structural design (Staad / RAM), hydrosanitary design, Architecture, plants etc.

– It also mentions that you cannot run more than one application from third parties, although I don’t understand this constraint, if they are routines built on the MicroStation API, or perhaps are any power downloaded from third heaven, the place which the Apostle was.

-Then in 3D management, although it includes capabilities in 3 dimensions, it is supposed that we cannot make animations.

Here you can see more of Power Map.


  • For a municipality: ideal Powermap for price reasons.
  • For a project of national cadastre, Bentley Cadastre.
  • For a large project that will make GIS not merely plot, Bentley Map.
  • To implement it:  Call me, XD

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