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The things that are getting me entertained


TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post

Yep, it is a week of (*) less time and too much activity

Tomorrow is the presentation of the product to the public; cooperating institutions, program partners, mayors and officials of the National Cadastre are expected… it comes from a process of socialization and later put into print.

It is also the accreditation by the certifying institution in my “Diplomat in Systematization“…

Assembling the operational Plan for 2009 based on the logical framework… and the two years remaining to the Program…

A tour to countryside, going out to celebrate with the heads of cadastre the ending of the Diploma…

Yes, it will be a week of too much activity … patience to the faithful readers.

If you want good readings, I recommend these five blogs:


(*) de correr: Something is in this state when there’s not enough time to attend all the activities some has to do.

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