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On a journey, preparing a video

clip_image001I have spent almost a week away, in a complementary work to the systematic process that involves shooting a video that must rescue the essence of the methodology applied.

This shooting task is an interesting world, I mean the lightning play, the recreation of past scenarios, capturing events that are still alive, the handling of the interview, abstraction, concretion, finally … another world. It’s tiring; the agenda was so tight that barely gave time to review emails overnight in 15 inches trembling monitors. Wondering that my son, in the fifth year of school, will undertake his math examination without my tedious torture of the night before… times by car, train, bus, returning in time to catch my flight to Charlotte the next morning … ugh !.

The content…

There must be several ways to come up to such a process, particularly this project which extended to 27 municipalities, under the premise that implements the cadastre as a tool for multipurpose use in municipalities of unequal status, and can be dosed for a gradual adoption approaches: fiscal, legal, soil use and socioeconomic status.

The technique of capture and information content may be equal, but while there is no application of information within the context of regulations it will be just an inventory, so it is better to go step by step, for an appropriate enhancement and maturity. Non-compliance utilization, indicators also identify a pattern that tell us not to start a stage for which the municipality does not meet conditions. This methodological process defines four stages which will take the video:

  • Recovery Stage.  Determine the progress that has a municipality, provision of minimum equipment and definition of the approach. Standardization of previous process data, counterparts’ socialization and necessary political decisions to the fiscal approach.
  • Massive Survey.  The modernization of the urban-rural cadastral survey by local human resources, the implementation of technologies in the management of spatial data, the preparation of studies for the mass appraisal y at least, we must achieve that cadastre reaches have utility in the fiscal approach.
  • Adequacy of administrative processes.  Soil value studies, permanent crops, administrative limits to complement the fiscal approach and taking the first steps to the legal’s one.  Here, it also requires adequacy of internal procedures that can limit the application of policies in the territory management.
  • Processes of sustainability.  The necessity of linking efforts with regional projects that have intervention in the cadastral area for the continuity of the processes, the systematization and creation of regional headquarters at a Commonwealth level that runs a model’s replica whose support is in the provision of services, taking advantage of human resources.  At this stage being with the territories that mature initial approaches, promote territorial policy for the implementation of the approach to land use and creating bases to make information and processes input for development economic local (socio-economic approach)


The people…

It’s a sorrow and a daring to cut more than 11 hours of recording to a shooting of 20 minutes, it satisfies that my technical team field efforts have paid off, rather than its financial compensation (which honestly has not been great) or the egeomate’s cruel mood (which has also been hard at times).

A half of tear dares to swing round my eyes when I hear the natural thanks of mayors, heads of cadastre, settlers, and a group of guys that almost from scratch have become the generation to replace ours with gray hair. With them, it was successful just to sit and eat recent prepared tortillas (Spanish idiom for a popular Centro American dish made basically with corn and eat with cheese or butter), with “chicharron” (Spanish idiom for a popular dish made with pork’s skin fried in its own oil) naturally seasoned. Although this stage of the project is left over a year … I know that I’ll see some of them in this labor for many years, because they have the potential for a career in this subject, and the others … well, I will miss you.

And tomorrow … travelling again as it’s always in my normal duties. The next post will be from the Be Inspired.

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