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egeomates, only photos

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post.

This is a complicated month in time, but satisfactory in achievements and family passions with my children and the girl that enlightens my eyes. I could hardly post a couple of times; but here I leave a brief photo summary.

clip_image001 The Competency certification process.

An interesting experience, development of standard certification, items bank, theory test, practical test, so…

… Looking at him from the bottom, this friend looks even taller. Although note how out are the legs’ Tripod.

5 to the playoffs (*) in the theory test.

None in the practical test but without the Manifold GIS module.

clip_image003 – Well Fila, by September I would like to stay with six of the best technicians.

– If you continue with these rolls (**) none of them will be left. I will assure you!

Development of an educational video cadastre.

Urban Survey with total station, rural survey with GPS/compass, mapping with MicroStation, digitizing tab, cadastral maintenance.

– Cut!

– Who said cut?

– It was good

– Who is the director?

clip_image005 Here the composition of the study, filling the urban tab.

Hopefully these technicians won’t go to Hollywood.

The two little angels posing with a blue-haired chapina (***).

Through it all, there is nothing better than to devote quality time to these creatures … now that they enjoy performing them on my shoulders yet.

… Not that they don’t want, is that they weigh a lot …

.. My years, not them.

clip_image007 They are growing up, she’s playing with soap bubbles yet

He, with the Acer on hand.

This guy is really big now

He no longer wants to play some toys, unless they have mouse

And likes posing for photos which upload to Facebook

If he’s going to grow … well, grow quickly and without much pain.

clip_image009 Oh! no …

My will is that she won’t grow so fast.


If there’s one thing for which I’ll be loved is for the pleasure of tasting a Mexican pita with buttery nachos (****).


There are no more for now, just hard work.


(*) repechaje: It’s a Spanish Idiom used also in football jargon, which means a second chance to get the victory.

(**) rollos: ‘Rolls’ in English. In Spanish jargon “rollo” means a boring conversation or perhaps without importance. In this case, probably alludes to a kind of reprimand.

(***) chapina: This word is typical of Guatemalan jargon. In this case alludes to a friendly young woman who loves children and acts as their friend.

(****) pita y nachos: The ‘pita’ is a kind of bread extremely thin (about 2 mm of height) and the nachos is a variation of the Mexican tortilla made also made with flour but fried and melted cheese.

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