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Translia, a professional translation service

The translation of content into another language is a very common need. To pass a personal use to English, Portuguese or French, Google sure we resolve the issue. But if it were a commercial document, as the case of bids in a tender, which specifies to be submitted in a particular language and where bad hermeneutics can lead to legal problems, professional translation is required.

The need becomes more urgent if you have little time or if in the locality there is no translation service for rare languages to context, for example: Japanese, Arabic or German.


To do this, there’s Translia, an online solution not only for people who need the translation service but also for those who dominate more than one language, and dare to go online. Let’s see how:

Translia for translators

It’s possible to register as a translator, indicate the domain languages, and work from home. You can select the minimum value per word, for this you may only view offers that suit your preferences, to the end of the month the money comes via PayPal or bank transfer.

Translia for those who require a translation

You only need to register, send the document to translate and choose features such as:

  • The time that is available, from hours to weeks. This is to give priority based on the availability of full-time translators.
  • The type of translation, which can be fully professional, as a legal document ready for publication, fast for personal use and other much lighter to understand content.

For several of these conditions:

  • The system can integrate more than one translator, so as to leave in time and with expected quality. Usually the content is split in small paragraphs so that many can collaborate.
  • Collaboration is also based on the ranking achieved, to translate, revise or correct.
  • The customer does not pay until he’s completely satisfied, this can do so via Paypal or credit card.

In short, it’s a great service.

clip_image002Translia for members

Additionally, there’s a membership service that pays you a commission for each person that, from a link like this, requests a translation or provides services via Translia.

So if you’re looking for a translation, or work from home as a translator, Translia is the place.

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