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En más de una ocasión nos hemos preguntado, qué servicio de mail marketing elegir. No importa si se requiere para una lista de 500 suscriptores o un listado que supere los 5,000; elegir un buen proveedor para enviar correos masivos siempre será una decisión que se debe estudiar con cuidado, si consideramos los retos implícitos

The great year of Google Chrome

The case of Google Chrome is a striking example of what was said four years ago: “The browser that aims to be an OS” I remember in September 2008, I wrote about how Google launched its own browser, when the expectation for dethrone Internet Explorer would seem a madness as thinking now that the iOS

If Egeomate’s Spanish version had 100 readers

This article reflects the statistics taken from January to October 2011 from Google Analytics, and simplified to the case were only 100 readers of this page. Clearly it’s a reflection of the Hispanic context that would be different if I had a priority in another language or public. But if the data can be useful

Google Docs can now read dxf files

Just few days ago, Google expanded its file support range for Google Docs. Previously could only be seen Office files like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Indeed its type is read only; Google shows its insistence on giving Chrome greater operating system capacity from the cloud. One would expect these features are also added to view

Update massive data in WordPress

There comes a time that must be upgraded large amounts of data in a repetitive way on WordPress. A recent example is the case of hyperlinks paths with fixed permalinks. Migrating to and leave the subdomain requires adjustment in many of these fields, as shown in the following example: The previous route was:

Blogsy for Blogs from an IPad

It seems that I finally found an acceptable application for IPad that allows writing a blog without much suffering. Until now I had been trying BlogPress and official WordPress, but I think that Blogsy is the chosen one as more or less friendly WYSIWYG editing. While I must solve the service with images hosted in

Bentley Announces Relationship With Microsoft for Azure-cloud-based Transmittal Services Offering

Bentley Transmittal Services Appropriately Complements Both ProjectWise and AssetWise for Critical Business Needs Bentley Systems announced an expansion of its strategic relationship with Microsoft Corporation. Through its commitment to the Microsoft Azure Platform partner program, Bentley is bringing a broad range of Azure-cloud-based services for sustaining infrastructure to architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) worldwide

Google Chrome 30 months later

Two and a half years ago Google launched Chrome; I’ve been slowly watching how visitors to this site leave other browsers and pass to this, while users of Internet Explorer get down from the hand of mobile communication invasion. With Chrome we have learned to do things differently, at least at desktop level, we also

Global statistics of Internet users

Recently Successful Exporter has been updated global statistics to the year 2011 related to the penetration and globally Internet use. Perhaps, it’s one of the best sources for this type of information consultation, not only at continent level, but at country and language level. I take this post to show some data, and trends in

What’s New in WordPress 3.1

It has been launched a new WordPress update. Many things have changed in content management platform in recent years; now new versions updates are a single button. For those who suffer doing so via ftp, at times we’ve even come thinking that simplicity makes code losing its grace. But what a good thing is for

How to set up an online shop

A while ago I spoke of Regnow a site that provides a way to sell products online for manufacturers, through sites that can function as exhibition showcases for products downloading or for sale. Additionally, Regnow is also available to create online shops to facilitate products search and its display. This works by Site Builder. Let’s

Exploiting twitter: Be Inspired

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. If my cousin had used twitter, the vocal cords of my aunt (RIP) would have better life. Many things have changed in the way news is shouted. Life was simpler 35 years ago, after the second journey of classes,-because they were two– nothing

Talking with Tuent’s people

This week has been published in Directions Magazine an interesting interview with Ernesto Ballesteros from Tuent company, which in just 6 questions bring valuable content to the geospatial community. Tuent is an innovative service that among other things, offers the possibility of territorial dashboard mount. It does not occupy a lot turn for them to

Farmville, the best of online games

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Zynga is a creator company of online games, most of them in real time. Zynga days ago already came with this, as I remember seeing one of these run on Yahoo and Spaces; but now it seems all its potential is mounted on

Tips: How to start writing an article

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post Everyone wants to write about something, the issue is quite clear like to whom it is addressed and what they hope to achieve with the subject is also clear. But they are whipped by this phobia: How do I start? How do I

Where to buy a Brother printer

Brother is a brand of more than 100 years; we remember the famous typewriter thirty years ago with the ball spinning letters, which then switched to electronic machines, those which cost secretaries get left on one side. Even today there are those who refuse to store it in a display case and in the guise

Is it worth to have a blog?

– Yes It does not seem very responsible this so raw assertion without a context and a proper explanation of what we understood of having a blog or what is what we value on it. On several occasions I have commented that egeomate was born with the idea of satisfying a writing obsession and also

The magic of Facebook

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post Some time ago I was so reluctant to get into the social network, convinced that it was for teens that deal their time sending pictures and telling the color of pants they’re walking with. But the differences between this initiative and others like