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CAD: Send backward, bring forward

When you have linear objects without thickness or fill, it seems not to be important, but sooner or later is a nuisance (Spanish idiom: “es una lata”, an extremely problematic thing); although in the layers (levels) must be the wisdom.

It happens that I have this property that, when filled, covers what is behind as text. In Corel Draw was very easy, just had to use combinations of ctrl, shift with PageUp or PageDown; sure there are other ways to do so in CAD, let’s see how I did:

1. With Microstation V8

  • Select the objects
  • clip_image001Edit
  • Bring to front

2.  With Microstation V8i is still just as limited, with the advantage that in the objects General Properties it can be applied transparency.

3. With AutoCAD before 2009

  • Select the object
  • Right click with the Mouse button
  • Display order
  • Bring to front, or send to back.

If it has been modified the properties of the right button of the mouse, it cannot be done. But it also works with Tools > display order… If you find the option Tools.

4. With AutoCAD after 2009

  • The same as above, but instead of saying Display order it appears as Draw order.

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