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MicroStation: the view has no scroll

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post.

I just spoke to a technician, the kind that only callsclip_image001 when it’s a terrible situation (*) and presented me this problem:

I have the view, but note that it does not have in the bottom part, the zoom controls, the mound of fit view, nor the inferior or lateral scroll bars.

I said him to give me 5 minutes to not spend on the call, but honestly I done it to avoid being embarrassed. This is because doing reports can bring anyone technical amnesia that this be.

Solution 0: the window is not minimized. In Microstation windows can move freely and it may be that the bottom part is hidden. The output is to maximize the view.

Solution 1: The option is off in the Workspace

To do this, select:

Workspace, preferences
-En View options, activate the check box which indicates “scroll bars on View Window”.
-Then click on “ok”

Solution 2: The option is empty

If still resolving the above the scroll bar is being seen but without the view control buttons then is it is empty. This must be done:

Workspace, customize
– Then select the “view border” tab
– Copy the left window to the right controls that you want to.
– Press the “save” button


clip_image003Solution 3: It isn’t the only way

Well, if that does not resolve the problem, then it is a fail (**) which could be as simple as a tip that I don’t remember now, or a super virus that came with the cube power of the transformers.

A temporary exit may be the control view of the toolbar, for this:

Tools, view control
-A bar appears that can be located where you like in any margin or leave it floating.

La chascada.

The extra tip (***).

By the way I take advantage to recommend (from solution 2) the “copy view” tool; this allows you to copy the properties from a view to another. For example, if you want to build a new view, with the existing exempt. Very handy, even respect the “view attributes” it may have.


(*) cortarse las venas: Literally translated as ‘cut the veins’ is a jargon used when you’re in a very problematic situation where you don’t have a solution.

(**) destrompar: the author uses this jargon when something doesn’t go well, so it’s a fail.

(***) La chascada: This expression is used when you want to give something extra that wasn’t established.

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