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How to measure a route in Google Earth 5.0

Earlier we saw the best of Google Earth 5, on it, the historical images are the highlights, we had also assumed that this release would bring the ability to interact with the GPS; the case of measuring a distance route is possible, using the measure tool.

Activate the tool

To activate it, choose the “tools / rule” option and select the “route” tab.


Marking the route

Marking the route is as simple as clicking on the route. To delete a item, you just have to give left click when it turns green.

Let us see how many miles I traveled yesterday:

To begin, I came running from my home to the Olympic track, so those 120 meters count, then I gave it ten laps, more or less in the second lane (424 x 10) = 4,240

In total, 4.350 meters which would mean 4.3 kilometers… puf, that last lap was nearly walking because of my thirties.


The units can be measured in meters, miles, nautical miles, inches, feet, yards and Smoots. The latter, curiously Google has integrated both in Google Calculator and ingle Earth, I guess it has to do with a nostalgic reason because it is not even recognized as a standard measure, a smoot is equal to 1.7018 meters and was created by a fraternity at the Masachussetts Institute of Technology, that’s why it’s only used in some U.S. locations.

clip_image003Using gps files

You can load a file captured with a GPS, this will be done with “file / open” and you can select files with extensions:

•.gpx which is an xml format widely used

• EasyGPS .loc, both popularized by Topografix

•. mps (mapsource) popularized by Garmin

To connect Google Earth to GPS, select the option “Tools / gps”, then choose from Garmin and Magellan.

In the options it can be configured to adjust the altitude to ground level.

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