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How to create hyperlinks in Manifold GIS

A hyperlink is always necessary in a map, we have used it for example in a cadastral layer to associate photos, cadastral certificate, the writing of a record or in the case of municipal layer to associate information relative to that territory, mainly the one who is not easily tabulated. In this case you will see how to create hyperlinks in a map using the Manifold GIS program.

1. The layer

Manifold handles .map extension files, which themselves are equivalent to a personal geodatabase, where it can be stored images, vector layers, tables etc. But there can also be only linked files as it would be with an ArcGIS mxd

So to associate a hyperlink, the object must have a table; this may be out of the map (linked) or even in an external database from different types as Oracle, MySQL etc.

2. How to do it

The first thing is to add a new column, assigned it name and type, in this case we chose url.


Later in this it’s placed the associated file address, this may be local, in one of the machine disks, in an intranet with IP or computer name or even the Internet with a URL http://

Manifold accept addresses that have spaces, even in url web, it makes itself the characters conversion at the time of calling the object.


3. The result

To open the hyperlink only click on the map and this raises the file in the respective program.


In order to prevent lifting the hyperlink as a primary object, apply click plus using the ctrl key, thus it will raise the table data associated with the object


If you send the file to an IMS service the hyperlink remains, this is one of the tricks used to work with multiple files in an IMS publication as we saw a few days ago.

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