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Google ContouringGE, it can be done!

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post.

A few days ago a friend asked me how to do to see the contour lines in Google Earth using an application called ContouringGE 1.1 that is supposed to work with any 4x version, Windows XP or Vista.

clip_image002And because definitely I couldn’t, finally I did it but the experience was painful, so I write what it was my unsuccessful achievement to see if others could get it…

1.  Downloading ContouringGE

To start you need to download a compressed file from a “hateful” page where the creator has a popup window with a German advertising covering the entire page, so to remove that vain object(*) you have to only select Schlieben that means ‘close’ and it will never annoy you.

2. Installing ocx

Once downloaded the file, decompressed it and five files appear:

  • A kml call contour.kml that I have no idea what’s is it for
  • Two ocx files that are ActiveX drivers
  • A dll file that loads a submenu in the Google Earth’s framework
  • An executable file

clip_image004The two ocx files are placed in


Then to register the ocx you enter the command menu, which looks like DOS with “start / run / cmd” and there it is written the text:

regsvr32  %Systemroot%System32comdlg32.ocx

and make enter, then you should see a message that the control is correctly installed, the same is done with the other one:

regsvr32  %Systemroot%System32MSCOMCTL.OCX


If you have Windows Vista it should be “Start / Accessories / Run as administrator”

I place the GGEFramework.dll file in “C: Program Files Google Google Earth”, there is also the executable little triangle and kml file.

clip_image0073. Running Google Earth

Then to not complicate me, I created a shortcut of the little triangle on the desktop.

Now run Google Earth. And once deployed will run the triangle.

Now it’s run Google Earth. And once deployed the little triangle is executed.

4. What should happen

Then in Google Earth appears a new command in the top bar called GGE, which contains options for creating contours and configuring its appearance or its labeling.



Back in Gabriel Ortiz Forum they are breaking their heads (**) to see why it does not always work, perhaps the Google Earth version, Windows version, .Net Framework, Service Pack … or maybe just bad luck.

For me after being battling, finally it has worked, although sometimes it did, sometimes not, regardless if running opengl, directx or the default version.

As said by the granny in Gijon, as if we were dummies!


(*) papada: mean useless

(**) se estan quebrando el morro: This phrase is an idiom which means to break our head trying to solve a difficulty.


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