You were there…

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The girl made a pirouette, turned towards him, approached to him, bent down, and saw him at 34 cm. Then he knew it was her, the same eyes…

clip_image001It was a routine night of hard labor in the office. Those days when the traveling music of U2 sounded on the Chamaco’s keyboard, which included speakers with Suround; there, at the end, with headphones, Raul shook his head at the rhythm of Arjona and his champion routine; while Jorge’s merengues(*) were dissolved between the cubicles; beyond, everyone was sinking until 9 pm trying to vectorize what their tired eyes could photo -interpret.

But that was a special day, the national football team played another game more-or less, you never know-, so the most revelers convinced the boss to change the week, passing through a night bar to see the rout, there, in the selected area of the Palmerola blond girls. It was unusual for him to accompany us, as chief he always kept apart, but as a friend was presumptuous to the extreme, to intrude on matters that should not.

We left, walking jokes, bleeder, cruel, but nice in view of the feeling that there would not be more vectors for this day-and night-. Raul told the same episode, when the maps he create were thrown away; John the one of the wet maps at public hearings on the vaccination dogs day; myself the same I knew, that just caused me to laugh for being humor of the fifties.

We reach to a den, which outside seemed a house room, after passing the door the mood changed. The boy who had experience in these trances, became agreed with the sturdy(*) man of the entrance, took us through a passageway to a hall with rotating lights, people sitting on seats for three persons, a triangular stage with a vertical tube at the center and a horizontal one to the extreme, by the stairs. We paid for Mosto Company (**) in a cold pan, which includes some plastic sheets for special tricks.

The game, bored. By the middle of the second half, the selection was being defeat 4 to 1, and with few survival signs. From an extreme stage, a moderator announced that it was time to spice up the party. Immediately people piled on the bar, began to applause loudly at a pace that had nothing to do with the BonJovi song coming background. And so, one by one, were passing three girls, each with a similar routine. Girls were dressed with 4-inch platforms and provocative rags. An upbeat song, then the lights going down and a romantic song that left the girl to the beat of clapping, the more, the less clothes; while some desperate spent their first plastic sheet at the first intention.

But when it reached the fourth girl, the picture changed. My friend at side became a little nervous, since the girl went up, he took the lemon and squeezed it in his mouth with energy, then accommodated on the seat and seemed it had turned some gears inside the temples. With the mouth open like Pac-man he drooled, looked at the filly spinning on the bar, dry it with a towel which offered to a guy(***) in the other corner, and thus she spent Carlos Vives song, with impeccable style.

I could see my friend’s eyelids down halfway, as Garfield, then twitched, glassy as wet marbles. The lights went down, and Def Leppard’s immortal song began: Love bites.

When you make love, do you look in the mirror?

Who do you think of, does he look like me?

But his sense was not of immediate taste, because he could placed the ad in his teeth as soon as the round began; it seemed more like going back and forth on a swing time, that in the southwestern tangent shook his suit and reacted in small head movements. His memories should be flying in that first year of college when a backpack and notebooks were all that was concerned to survive.

Do you tell lies and say that it’s forever

And then, I had the impression that he was seeing in those eyes, a familiar face, maybe it brought the remembrance of an older love, before this lifetime mortgage. He took little care to know that she was slowing down her clothes, were her eyes and a hidden smile that brought –and took him- to a distant milestone, in a heartbeat behind that building of Industrial Engineering, as far as the orbit of the GLONASS constellation but as close as the capture of its carrier phase.

Do you think twice or just touch ‘n’ see

His eyes were spinning in sharp breaks, but not within the 10 meters of the equilateral ridge, it was much further. Then he felt like he was leaving a layer of the epidermis, one another, again, in goose bumps. While the girl showed her dreamlike qualities, the applause sounded and she hung in a sweaty tube around. Spectacular!

I don´t wanna touch you too much baby

Cos makin’ love to you might drive me crazy

The girl closed the earwig, covering her life with one hand, turned to him; she approached, bent down and saw him at 34 cm. I could swear that then he knew it was her, the same eyes; the girl’s seemed to hit also, she retired and returned to her show. Then he pursued his eyes until exhaustion, she ducked away as far as she could but the distance did nothing but facilitate his photogrammetric view and finally dropped his jaw as a drawer.

I don’t think that love is the way you make it

After a pair of piercing views that seemed to melt into the air, she could not finish the song, made a gesture to please her audience, turned and walked to the stands. Half of the public shouted it over, but she was being helped by the scorekeeper, who gave her tops, the only ones she could remove and carried from one end of the bar. The animator hid everything, made the first call to all the girls and asked requested applause for the great Pamela.

So I don´t wanna be there when you decide to break it

Love bites love bleeds – it´s bringing’ me to my kneeds

Love lives love dies – it´s no surprise

Love begs love pleads – it´s what I need

The girl fell in the side, looked into his eyes, took his hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered something under his breath. Then she left. I could see in her beautiful eyes three-fifths of a tear, I was baffled, bewildered and did not know exactly what to think. Absolutely nobody knows what to tell a friend that suddenly in a night walk is at a distance of 34 centimeters of a pair of eyes that seem to know much shorter distances.



Years later he confessed that he convinced the scorekeeper to carry the girl that night. He didn’t tell me more details until I read in his Facebook status, which has not changed in years.

That night, you were there. Were your eyes, your lips, you were there. It was your smile, your tattoo, your sweat, you were there.

In the morning I saw your eyes again, cute; your smile, beautiful; but it was not yours. You were not there.

You’re just everywhere.


(*) merengue: It’s a tropical Central American rhythm.

(*) sturdy: This is a popular word in Spanish jargon: ‘gorilón’ a sturdy man.

(**) Mosto Company: Mosto is the liquid obtained in the preparation of the alcoholic drinks. The most common Mosto is made from the grapes to make wine.

(***) guy: This is a word that in Spanish jargon means: ‘chavo’ a young man.

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