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Yes it is possible to display Google Earth and view images from above in real time

So far I had read in Yahoo Answers, that it was only possible with the NASA satellites, and that to achieve this was possible only with its own satellite. I am referring to have Google Earth opened and be able to see the Earth as it is, fly and see below the small houses as it is happening at the same time.

It’s been two days ago, my laptop open in Google Earth, my glass of soda on hand and there are, what I did not expect is that the clouds hinder a little, but where there are few, if I can watch with care I can see below houses and if further refining I can not see the ants but I can have a clear perception of this village with very good resolution. Over there is a road that is close to the urban area, there is a bus, in real time I can see that above has a number, of course I can not distinguish it at this point unless I get closer, but I can see it in progress, it must go from east to west along the road that comes from La Paz.

Ah, you didn’t know about it, did you? Uh, it has cost me $ 400 but I managed to find a way to view images in real time as I have opened the Google Earth…


Then comes a cute girl with a very fine blue suit, red tie and said to me, do you want more juice, sir?

So I remove the view from the window, put the juice aside and return to the laptop that is now hibernating, I move the mouse and there it is again Google Earth, with what its cache memory allows me to look.

… And what is that you expect? No, it isn’t I’m felling the “level” as Txus says, is that after a Pisco is returning to me the good humor of the Bolivian highlands.


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