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Who doesn’t want to win the Nokia

Yajaira, a good friend emerged from Esmeralda in Ecuador and now living in Italy gives us a good picture, where apart of showing a good smile, invites us to vote because like any mortal geek…

…wants to win this Nokia


Just go to that web, vote and confirm with your email… it will take you 1 minute. The same time it takes you to get to my site:

  • With how slow it gets because of my abuse by 450px images,
  • The crazy url I use, it’s better for you to find me on Google
  • ads that monetize my passion for writing at 2:00 am
  • and the disappointment with which you abandon my site, when knowing that I have not written anything of your favorite software.


Conclusion: voting for the fishing day.

And if by the way you want to win the Nokia N96 also, you can enroll in the “Share Your Summer” competition; just send a good photo and sign up in ictv, the contest ends on December 12.

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