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Where to buy a Brother printer

clip_image001Brother is a brand of more than 100 years; we remember the famous typewriter thirty years ago with the ball spinning letters, which then switched to electronic machines, those which cost secretaries get left on one side. Even today there are those who refuse to store it in a display case and in the guise of saving energy send them back to work with disk 3.5”

Now Brother has interesting equipment, including multifunction printers as the DCP-7040, very economical on inks and which serves as a scanner and copier.

The printer can be found in many stores, but one that I recommend for Spain is TPO. This is the acronym of All For Computer, a place where you can find almost any toy for home or office, its specialty is Acer and Toshiba laptops, but of course, it sells the computer industry’s leading brands such as Sony, Epson, HP, Benq, Brother, among others.

The physical location of TPO is in Pontevedra (Galicia), but the online service tpoinformatica.com is so functional that distributes services anywhere in Spain with promotions ranging from 8 Euros.

It not only sells the equipment itself, but also supplies and accessories, such as inks or heads that will be needed once purchased a computer.

Only in sales of Brother printers, for example, it has more than 60 references, including machinery and accessories, which gives an idea of the volume of goods traded.

So if you’re looking for a Brother printer for sale, TPO is the place.

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