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… Where are you, my friend? …

There are no many answers:


We chose almost everything what we do, although I think many things aren’t more complicated because of lack of time. It’s gratifying to see how municipalities can achieve interesting results with effort and a small push in managing the territory. And we have the same feeling when we see that, young people who started with a tape measure; usable since the 11th meter, now, in two weeks, fall into small clip_image001pieces a town with a total station and are wondering which place comes next.

While coming back, I leave in this post some briefs reflections, the sort of thoughts made in seedy hotels; those that, at 3 am, ruin their conditioning air.

· Despite on what certain people says, set aside Google Earth for cadastral purposes, is to underestimate its practicality and mistrust on what it will become in the future.

· The only good thing for Mexico’s stay in the play-off of the world cup qualifiers is that they could play that role with Argentina which is now in the same suffering. And it would be a great game!

· I shouldn’t feel evil for the dismissal of a technician who took me a great effort to prepare … in a country where a day to another it can be changed a nation’s president.

· Life should be as simple as me, the refrigerator, Google and my Netbook. Oh, without forgetting the Wireless, the Acer, the Benk camera, the BlackBerry, the Bamboo tablet, the Aigo, PHP, WordPress, Ubuntu, MapServer, gml… mmm… after all, it doesn’t seem so simple.

In any case, Mexico and Argentina will always be in the football’s World Cup, the country will have an elected President again, Google Earth will reach centimeter accuracies and technology will complicate the simple part of our life. When? It’s just a matter of minutes, hours or days.

And I will continue travelling and who knows, maybe one day I’ll become satisfied with the skin of Geofumadas.com

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