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what to expect from Supergis

This is whar we can expect from the 2014 SuperGIS Product Roadmap 

In 2013, Supergeo has released a series of new products for various platforms, including SuperGIS Server 3.1a Advanced Edition, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a providing SuperGIS Toolkit, SuperGIS Desktop 3.2 Beta supporting multiple map frames, online map support in SuperSurv 3.1a and SuperPad 3.1a, and SuperVeyor 2013, etc, to assist enterprises and end users to manage, publish, analyze, collect, display GIS data more efficiently and effectively. 

Supergis 2014

In this year, Supergeo will keep improving the functionality and stability of SuperGIS products, providing greatly friendly user interface, and more complete analysis functions. In addition, will also focus on the enhancement of Geodatabase performance and improvement of geoprocessing performance to make it faster and more streamlined to process large-scale data. Moreover, the structure of SuperGIS server products will be adjusted to meet Cloud computing deployment. To support more file and feature types is also in our product plan, like dataset, subtype in attribute table, etc., and Supergeo will enhance the data interoperability with ESRI formats. The main plans in each product category are listed below: 

Server GIS 

  • SuperGIS Server 3.2, to be launched in Q3, will be adjusted to meet the cloud computing architecture to assist enterprises in rapidly scaling GIS systems to meet different demands. 
  • SuperGIS 3D Earth Server 3.2, an innovative new GIS server solution, will support to overlay 3D models with vector data and terrain data on globe, and all the GIS data can be displayed in 3D environment to help users understand spatial relationship among the data. Administrators are allowed to manage the resources in SuperGIS 3D Earth Server and build up globe website via browsers within a few steps. By the end of Q1, the new software is going to be ready for you to demonstrate the integrated spatial data with web browsers.

Desktop GIS

  •  SuperGIS Desktop will emphasize the Geodatabase performance enhancement and Geoprocessing performance improvement to help users process large scale data in a effective way. For example, it will take less than 17 minutes to display a road layer of 720 thousand features from personal geodatabase (mdb).
  •  Python script will be developed and supported to customize the GIS functions, like buttons, menu, etc in SuperGIS Desktop. The new customization language will be supported in SuperGIS Desktop 9, which could be expected to be tested in Q4.
  •  SuperGIS Desktop 9 is going to support dataset to help users integrate different types of GIS data, and also to support subtypes in attribute table and dynamic segmentation for more applications. 

Mobile GIS

  •  SuperGIS Mobile solutions will keep enhancing the support for diverse platforms, including Windows Mobile, iOS, and Android, to help field surveyors conduct field work with mobile devices of different operating systems.
  •  To extend the reach of GIS services and capabilities, SuperPad and SuperSurv will improve the connection with SuperGIS Server to provide a more effective way to display and synchronize the data in SuperGIS Server.

Developer GIS

SuperGIS Engine, including extension objects, will be ready for developers to customize their own GIS applications. Thus, Supergeo will keep updating the references and samples to provide more comprehensive resources for developers. Supergeo will launch SuperGIS Engine

In addition to the software development, Supergeo will continuously update technical resources on SGDN website, such as SuperGIS Server 3.1a API samples for website customization, sample codes for SuperGIS Desktop customizations, etc. Also, SuperGIS demo videos will be updated constantly to SupergeoTV channel on Youtube to help worldwide users clearly understand how SuperGIS Products can be applied to meet diverse demands in industries. 

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