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What to do with bad visitors

clip_image002The popular wisdom and the majority of religious texts suggest that evil must be responding with good works. It is not time to discuss this, but it is difficult to find what to do when from the other side of the blog, someone is trying to make damage to you.

Let us see some tips to withstand the harmful behavior in the Web 2.0 planet

1. What to do when you’re plundered

It should be clear that this not always happens by bad intent, so the first thing is to assume good faith.

What it requires is that you let this person know that what he’s doing is harmful for him and for you, and this is done with a healthy comment, or in the post that you have been plagiarized or in another so that he doesn’t know it’s you.

Hi, I appreciate your great effort to publish material constantly, and I thank you that some of the posts published in other blogs have liked you, so much that you replicated in this space.

However you should know that you’re doing damage to your blog and the original one because Google AdSense and the Google search engine can consider them duplicated material making lower ranking in the search engine and makes violation of AdSense policies.

Even in some cases we have noticed that you don’t even make courtesy mention to clip_image003the original source.

It would be appropriate to do a summary of the post, and mentions the original source leaving a link to be read completely there. Benefiting the original site and motivating them to continue producing original content.

You can also make mention of these posts in a post dedicated to those who link your blog, mentioning as well-intentioned but with copy / paste strategy.

2. What to do when somebody leaves offensive comments

There are a lot of Internet users, that when not finding what they hoped gets even leaving a message like:

Comentator: Robertito

email: pel4amela@gmaiI.com

Hey! shit-eater, bastard… If you are going to tell me how hack this program… fill your mother…

The first thing is that we must be strong. Having a blog is like being a public figure; you should be ready to be treated by different cultural levels. So the first thing is not to feel offended, because in many cases what they say may be half truth and tend to get off our mood.

Then there is not always delete the comment, a strategic way to redeem you is to move the comment, but censoring the bad words with asterisks or summarizing leaving outlining dots.

Then leave an answer in a categorical way, something like this:

Dear Robertito.

I appreciate your comments, but I must remind you that not everyone has your wisdom. It’s easy to have the wide cultural potential, we see life gave you, but it is clip_image004not always easy to return to society in gratitude.

So if you give us your website address, we’ll promote it so that your high cultural level will be appreciated by readers like you who are dissatisfied with the poverty that exists on the Internet.

Maybe he doesn’t read it … but, chit, how well you feel. Hehe.

3.Another way is to mention them the female author of their days and send them to eat…

clip_image005And then say:

Dear Lord, forgive me for all the idle words I want to say to this bastard.

Any other suggestion?

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