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What novelties could AutoCAD 2010 bring

clip_image001Here is a list of dream wishes for AutoCAD users who have been selected for receiving the most votes in the wish list ballot recently promoted:

1. Protection for the drawing’s design, in short, that it could protect changes to a drawing in “final” conditions.

autocad 2011 2. A handler block, it is not intended new features, rather concentrate block’s functions on one handler and make more practical the editing, such as the option to purge blocks that are not in use, change the origin’s point in a more simple way, without rebuild and replace the block, with an option to cool and transfer the remaining properties between existing blocks.

3. Option to display in different color the required dimensions (overridden), this would help much to know if the dimensions are well scaled or have been forced in a practical way.

4. Control of the selection while zoom and pan are being applied, that is, when objects are selected and zoom / pan is used, it do not miss the distinctive selection while running the command.

5. Top tools for isometric management

6. Convert multi-line text to multileader

7. Specific levels of the drawing order, this in order to control the objects display order, especially when they are filled … maybe that could be controlled by layer instead of just having the option to bring forward or send back.

8. Option for viewing spelling correction in the right mouse button, not to be a Microsoft Word, but it’s terrible to be running the spell checker at the end.

9. Associate a layerstate to a Viewport

10. A quick view of what’s in a layer, this with the intention that the layer manager can display a thumbnail. It would be very handy when you have layers with ambiguous names without having to do “layer isolate”

So if AutoCAD implements this for 2010 version, to competition users will seem familiar items such as “views and models in the 9th desire”, the separation between operational commands and interface of the 4th desire and the digital signature of desire 1.

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