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What has left us June?

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post.

June was a month that as I saw many bloggers commenting on statistics fell … although I personally think that also influenced the dns’ change of Cartesia.org servers which is still indexing in Google search engines and I feel that any penalty also is at stake because of social networks.

AdSense also fell, and on top Google has said that eliminates references gains … we will have to try it now with DoubleClick, so I will miss making ArchiCAD and Firefox that this month gave their pickets.

Anyway, in normal life I spent several interesting implications:

A good friend went back to Asturias, I feel I will miss her Geek spirit, I turned one more year, Spain was crowned champion, my father suffered another stroke which adds penalties to his last days, it was my mother’s in law birthday… rays!, It indeed spent several things.


It kept me busy on my return from Baltimore, my diploma of systematization and the workshop I had to teach about multipurpose cadastre.

Julio comes with something of the same; I must teach a course in ArcView 3.3! Believe it or not, people still pay for receiving classes of these Jurassic systems. I hope to convince them, while walking on the course, which could be their next step, by its trend I believe I will suggest ArcGIS.

For now, I get back on weekend tour, and leave for Bolivia on Sunday, July 6. This time I’ll take a high national cadastre for vip(*), I hope having enough time to convince them take time to build a good mapping services site or will die in the outdating.

In short, this is what I could post the month:


  • EGeomate: Multipurpose Cadastre
  • Training of Cadastre in Peru
  • The 11,169 geodetic vertices of Spain

Manifold GIS and ESRI

  • How to make IMS with Manifold GIS
  • Manifold GIS wins the Geospatial Leadership Award at the GeoTec
  • How long will shape file survive?

Bentley Systems and Microstation

  • What’s up with Bentley and WMS services

AutoDesk and AutoCAD

  • How does Autodesk design team work?
  • Plugin for ecw services with AutoCAD
  • News of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009
  • Tell us your experience with AutoCAD and receive a video camera

Loose Threads

  • Implications of the Bolivia’s journey
  • Speaking of obsolete teachers…
  • Forecast for the next 45 minutes?
  • June 2008 Geospatial Events

The art of blogging and these waves

  • $30 for celebrating the blogger day
  • Opportunity to work in Madrid
  • Egeomate, Summary of May
  • Green Numbers
  • A live counter of Firefox downloads
  • Today is the Download Day

Google Earth and other perversions

  • Erdas launches its Google Earth version
  • Stitch Maps to download images from Google Earth in mosaic


(*)poporoila: In Honduras “poporoila” means a group of important people.

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