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Google Maps improves its performance

Google has released a new beta version of its map browser, with quite interesting tools. In this case, to enable it, we must apply click the New! link placed on the right of the symbol of laboratory test, and activate the options. The warning is clear, what they are doing is only evidence, so that when the final version will ...

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How much is the software in this blog

More than two years writing about technology issues crazy, usually software and applications. Today I want to take to make an analysis of what it means to speak of software in the hope of forming an opinion, to highlight strengths and how they respond to income and words as Internet traffic generation. Software entries that involve it visits that involve ...

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Virtual Earth, image update April 2009

Virtual Earth is upgrading at a more accelerated rate than Google Earth, just in the March’s month they upload 21 TB and in April they have posted another large amount of data with the peculiarity that many of them are of our Hispanic environment. At this rate it could reach Google Earth soon, because this is one of the disadvantages ...

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Virtual Earth updates 21 TB of images

So great is the amount of data that Virtual Earth has uploaded in these March’s days and surrounding Hispanic countries haven’t been left out, Mexico and Brazil have had the greatest benefit. The names are published in English, as it has been announced in Virtual Earth. Central and South América Caribbean / North América West Europe Costa Rica Panama Belice ...

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Virtual Earth updates Spain’s images

The last time we had had a lot of Spanish cities that were updated by Virtual Earth, in this case in October it has been announced another massive update, which incidentally joined the ridiculous amount of 41.07 Terabits But this time only Spain takes the prize. The cities are: Barcelona Malaga Manresa Mijas Oviedo Sagunto Vigo Vilanova Vitoria Zaragoza

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