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Trip to Córdoba


Perhaps in Cordoba it attracts our attention city’s first map, built about 1811, with the surveying procedure known as “underground geometry”, method usually used for mining by physical impossibility of triangulation, which gave rise to numerous errors in layout, among which can mention difference between the curve that describes the river and the straight section with which is represented, as well as an entire faulty orientation.clip_image003

Apart from many historical attractions featuring a journey like this, go to Cordoba could be an interesting challenge, considering the need to find an online booked hotel, costing less than 450 Euros, with activities for my children, Internet for blogging at midnight breakfast included, spa and gym to compensate for the pleasure of eating a la carte while walking on vacation.

Simple, you just have to find Hotels in Cordoba and enter these required search criteria, in addition you can choose how many stars you’ll like and what words can be included in the name of the hotel.

Immediately this website shows me a list of alternatives, sorted by price.

One aspect that is interesting is that this page has deployed an application on Google Maps API, so that you can see both, the hotel details, price, services and location map with descriptive details of distance and time that are required to get from nearby known sites.

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