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Going there, using hotels, buying flights, having fun

Finally I am free!

It has been an extremely complicated month, all for wanting to leave well closed administrative processes. Today, after going to collect the last messaging package that was pending, I sat for a moment to enjoy the feeling of having finished things well, and more than feel joy, I dropped the nostalgia of what happened to

On a journey, preparing a video

I have spent almost a week away, in a complementary work to the systematic process that involves shooting a video that must rescue the essence of the methodology applied. This shooting task is an interesting world, I mean the lightning play, the recreation of past scenarios, capturing events that are still alive, the handling of

The Be Inspired …

Wonderfully… The pair of tears Keith Bentley engulfed in the morning, telling us about his beginnings… worth the trip. Presentations of nominees are performed by now.

… Where are you, my friend? …

There are no many answers: Travelling. We chose almost everything what we do, although I think many things aren’t more complicated because of lack of time. It’s gratifying to see how municipalities can achieve interesting results with effort and a small push in managing the territory. And we have the same feeling when we see

10 ways to find cheap flights

Just now that I am preparing my trip to Charlotte, I want to take advantage showing you at least 10 airlines at Internet service providers. The priority to find a flight should be the airline that we’re accustomed to use, so as to take advantage of frequent flyer miles or credit card. But that might

Be Inspired Awards and Symposium

From October 12th to 14th, Bentley Systems will perform the Symposium and Awards for best practices in infrastructure. This event will be held in Charlotte, North Caroline, it’s the first after the format’s change of what it was once the BE Awards. During the first day, Gregg and Keith Bentley will held a presentation of

Silken Hotels, luxury and personality

Hotel always seeks to meet and give the best service; but only some manage to be recognized as the best, and this is the case of Silken hotels chain, entirely dedicated to offer the best service and quality to ensure a pleasant stay. Time has been making the Silken Hotel chain, one of the largest

Further details from Houston

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. The difference in this trip is that aside from the training I have taken several days to change my vacation period, this gives me time to visit a Google Earth’s friend, who lives near the site of what was Compaq, now HP. Here

The maps at the time of search for flights

Find the Google API is not surprising in a lot of online business. A segment where has been most successful is in the case of the air flight tickets sale which seems to have found a good host. For a time I had considered that these services were unnecessary because as travel operators exist; but

The best of Micro Center

Yesterday I spoke of the follies of MicroCenter, now I want to make a list of what it has seemed salvageable to me. In general, prices aren’t significantly lower compared with those found in a Hispanic country, but indeed the variety and novelty it is. Many of these things do not come, or do when

The Wii, the best of my trip

On my recent trip my son would accompany me, but as friends of the embassy were not consistent over time, we decided that if with that price I’ll find a Wii then I’ll buy it. Personally am not supporter of many video games for children, but with creatures like these that respect the crazy rule

I’m on journey

Yes, as I said before, I’m traveling and away from an acceptable connection. This is the most meaningful picture of the total station training we are providing. In the foreground, the best student, and a candidate to be hired for six months leading the team that leads the Sokkia, in the background an elder who

In Washington

Don’t believe that I’m taking photos at the Capitol; I just hope that United Airlines services will be opened to Houston, all to make use of cheap flights from midnight. It’s funny that just today, two years ago I wrote my first post on egeomates. Even more curious is that this trip would not have

American – style building, another wave

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post An interesting day, the main objective of this has been learning constructive techniques for housing in the United States. Training has been good, and I hope to write about it slowly to the extent of my time, in this case I want to

Long trip in 10 photos

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post I have taken several days of travel, still not lands my consciousness if I already returned. But here I send you some of the best of this tour that includes the socialization of agreements for this last stage called “sustainability”. View the trip

SodelsCot, the better to convert text to audio

I use it for a long time, and although I tested with others, this is one of the most practical and economical I’ve seen for the purpose of reading a lot without eyestrain. Text to audio When you have a long text to be read this solution is just great. It’s only required to select

Colors and Lines of the holiday

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. There have not necessarily been 400 years of silence, but to justify it here I leave some colors of my holiday with the kids and the girl that enlightens my eyes. Internal tourism comes economic and creates roots in children. A store for

Hazards of my ArcGIS course

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Before telling them he was going to develop training in the use of ArcGIS 9.3, with a half enormous mode for the distance, my short time and students’ occupations. Now I leave some conclusions: About the methodology: If only everything were so simple.