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Toy to connect AutoCAD with ArcGIS

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post.

Clarifying what AutoCAD

We do not mean AutoCAD Map or Civil3D, that connect to OGC services but the simple AutoCAD 2007 versions onwards, we mean since it had georeferencing functionality.

Clarifying what ArcGIS:

  • Did not connect to a Geodatabase or a locally stored mxd
  • neither a service created via traditional ArcIMS (it does not say)
  • But with a service created via ArcGIS Server, either in local host, intranet or Internet.

Clarify which toyautocad 2012

  • It is a free tool created by ESRI called “ArcGIS for AutoCAD” that is downloaded and installed; that allows from AutoCAD it can be called a data service provided by ArcGIS Server.
  • Requires indicating the URL service, and the type of coverage to download. It then is stored in the Layer Manager and it can be managed as if it were a layer.
  • It also respects the symbols and properties as it is painted in ArcGIS and the data can be consulted from the associated tables.

It seems to us a good initiative to improve interoperability with common CAD tools, because at this point the crowd (*) had understood that import and export options have to be eliminated, but need to see what people say and if they low the level to connect via ArcSDE to a geodatabase.

Here you can download it

Here you can see a video of the toy in action.


(*) mara: It means a lot of people, a crowd.

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