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This is my last post

clip_image001After almost three years of existence of the Geofumadas Blog, 813 entries and 2,504 comments, after a difficult month of stressful situations, it seems that everything ends up settling. This life is so, all the passions are often temporary, and this, it seems that has come to an end.

Among the topics that made me occupied after my Charlotte trip, finally I decided to accept Bentley’s representation for Latin America, which makes me to be too busy to maintain the pace of publication you’re accustomed in this blog, coupled with a contract clause which commits me not to write a personal blog for six years. Keith Bentley has been very helpful in allowing me the three months I asked for to fulfill 40 days of sabbatical I hope to do in Tibet from January 5th, with a tour to Mount Kailas from where I hope to send some photos; at my return I’ll be participating in the Journeys of free GIS.

By now, thank you for your time and friendship. Thanks to Tomas for opening this space in Cartesianos, good friend of a lifetime; thanks to Gabriel Ortiz, for his healthy tips, thanks to the Geomatic Blog friends for their demand, to Angie for her good vibrates in Chocolate Bailable, to Nancy for her effort in the translation to egeomate, and to many others that I don’t mention because I feel someone can be escaped.

I have come to an agreement with Cartesia, so that this content will be available for 30 days, where you can download it. After that this will be deleted as part of my contract; both Geofumadas and galvarezhn will become a shared domain of Bentley Systems, which when acquiring 79 % of shares in Manifold GIS becomes my more aggressive challenge.

I decided therefore to start an anonymous blog, where I will be writing eventually. Here you can follow me, where I hope to see you there.

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