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… Days I do not want to end…

In a weekend disconnected from Farmville’s chickens, from the tasks that never end, the wreaths to be hung on the wall… Although the political crisis, we all want to eventually pass the bad taste. Dog nearly rendered. It looks like one called Fido that my brother gave as a male for 8 years although it

Testing the Kodak EasyShare M341

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. After my Benq’s irreparable loss, which surely a funnyman is enjoying at the expense of my carelessness, I went for a more economical option to solve the lack (*). It’s interesting how this toy that does not exceed $ 150 is amazed. In

7 egeomate’s mood indicators

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Friends, I am traveling, a long journey. Hardly something of a breath between the lines is released today, no Internet, no mobile signal, nothing! Between building a model of local development, complementary to a land use plan and deluded things like that I

The other half part of my life

What could reward the hurry on my last days? Take an airplane from one day to another in an ATR that teeters too much in this winding time Wait for 9 hours at the airport that was closed at the return because of the rain, in a terminal that looks more like funeral home… and

Can a blog lose its personal sense?

Today blogs are already a communication way, although his birth is recent. Because of its dynamic change and without a formal regulation, the difference of a web page, a digital newspaper, a personal blog or an institutional page is often confusing. Without studying in depth the topic, we’ll see some aspects based on what the

The most important thing today, and in 60 years

I am leaving to a journey; it’s those kinds of trips that are very long. I left you in the company of Live Writer where I have something scheduled for the fidelity of the readers but I want to take advantage of the time for these trips is when I get nostalgic at the third

egeomates in Morse code

Sometimes I wonder how many times I have to do a topological cleaning to your feelings to find that everything is ok. With everything and the IDE’s advantages, I would like to return to the simplicity of the shape file; even this would involve dealing with more files at once. Anyway, between not knowing about

Hazards of egeomate’s translation

My esteemed friends, I’ve got to find a person who is doing the Geofumadas’ translation to the space that has now been defined as egeomate, this is the English version of this space. I received and I continue receiving interesting proposals, from heaven to hell in prices though the decision has been taken not only

A depressive day in Geofumadas’ life

A few days ago, a technician asked me how I can get angry and loud laugh at the same time.  I think these are distinctiveness of everyone’s personality, in my case I can’t feel angry for more than two days long and very often I don’t get out my rage but keep it (which is

Geofumadas is searching an Spanish – English translator

There has been a long time ago I’ve been considering it and finally I decided to create Geofumadas’ English version, so I’m seeking  for a translator to pass all my posts from Spanish to English. I would prefer someone who speaks native english, with its accent or at least someone with better skills than my

Your Favorite Software must die

The edition of this PC Magazine’s month is full of phrases with this level of irony against Microsoft’s popularity and specifically for the Windows operating system. I would like to dedicate this post to Nadia Molina, which leaves from PC Magazine, we will miss her mole and her unmistakable voice on the podcast, but we

Some 2009 Christmas cards

20 years ago, by this time I had cards’ collection under the pine tree which we literally cut (certainly, we were predators!), then we preserved cards in a trunk. Today, postcards are virtual objects; people leave them on their facebook, Hi5! or in their blogs. Here I leave some that I liked. This is from

What to do with bad visitors

The popular wisdom and the majority of religious texts suggest that evil must be responding with good works. It is not time to discuss this, but it is difficult to find what to do when from the other side of the blog, someone is trying to make damage to you. Let us see some tips

Me – bama

There has been sufficient information about the Obama topic in media; geospatial item has not been marginalized. Among the most relevant was the release of Geo-eye high-resolution image barely a couple of hours later, which makes us think how will be the life of the virtual worlds within 6 years. Also Google Earth enjoyed showing

egeomate, what accompanies my gray hairs

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. I lived in a different time, when I was a child, my hobbies after 5 pm were to play a football game with the neighbors, until the ball went to the fence of the grumbling neighboring or simply until we can not see

The things that are getting me entertained

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post Yep, it is a week of (*) less time and too much activity… Tomorrow is the presentation of the product to the public; cooperating institutions, program partners, mayors and officials of the National Cadastre are expected… it comes from a process of socialization