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Nothing spatial ArcGuments

The matter is that the first time I saw you, the impression I took was that the plot of your style was outside my reach; maybe because the first version I saw was very clearly arranged to your style; so, since those days I got thinking that it was geopdf. Then, I mistook with the

…Is likely

Of course there must be ways to entertain the soul, and I have found them. As travelling three of every two days, meeting places, taking pictures, earning miles, making memory. Sometimes because I can, others because I want, almost always because I must. And yes, there are ways of fighting the adrenaline, as the challenge

Asterix and Obelix arrive to 50 years

The celebration of the 50 years’ comic has even reached the cover of Google, whose creative has done a brilliant adaptation of what is never lacking in these cartoons. To celebrate this, it has also left an unpublished version of 57 pages which includes short episodes. And so it is, because there couldn’t probably be

10 interesting answers

I don’t believe in this spam’s statement, which accredits these exam’s responses to some University, but I have no doubt that more than one answer is a legitimate creation in good faith. The answers in red are thoughts aloud. Which are the heart’s movements?: Rotation around itself and Translation around the body. The aorta must

… Where are you, my friend? …

There are no many answers: Travelling. We chose almost everything what we do, although I think many things aren’t more complicated because of lack of time. It’s gratifying to see how municipalities can achieve interesting results with effort and a small push in managing the territory. And we have the same feeling when we see

1 magazine: 3 images

This is the migration map according to DNA tracing. Below is a chart of the time chronology and the increase in global temperatures. 5 million years perfecting the corners were not so pleasant. But advertising was a great treat. Birds on the cliff, seems a lie. The magazine: New Zeland Geographyc, it can be browsed

G. I. Joe, for people over 30 years

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post to know more about Centro American Dishes and drinks. Viewing this movie made me ruminate nostalgia for what has gone and what was memorable. I don’t care about its critical shot, because on these days fanaticism for WarGames is sensitive, more if you

3 wishes for today

Hi sweet, days without hearing from you. Yes, it’s been several things, good, bad and regular. I was traveling again, as the last 4 years. No, nothing changes here, every day the situation becomes more delicate. But we’ve been making progress. What happens is that the day was born with palate flavored the last 20

Knowing, my recommendation for a film

Knowing (in Latin America is known as Omen) is a film of Nicolas Cage that I recommend to this blog visitors who are passionate about the lat / long coordinates. I don’t expect to tell you the story because you lose interest, but basically it is about a fucking sheet with numbers a girl wrote

The Wii, the best of my trip

On my recent trip my son would accompany me, but as friends of the embassy were not consistent over time, we decided that if with that price I’ll find a Wii then I’ll buy it. Personally am not supporter of many video games for children, but with creatures like these that respect the crazy rule

One Saturday with the kids

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Spend a day with the children is never a waste of time; I’ll never forget this moments … I think they do not also. 9 to 12 am: At the dentist, one me, one my daughter, my son is bored trying to entertain

What did you do 715 days ago?

I wrote my first post And almost everything, for getting you interested in this advertisement on the left. … I said almost everything; knowing that you read me every week is another reason. … knowing that you endure me is another. … knowing that this blog has been helpful to you is the best reason.

egeomates, temporary passions

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. My life has been a collection of small moments that as running scripts end up every sequence all over 35, according to the simple count of the shell in use. At this time, like any man I had had passions by some facets

egeomates, the story of my life

More than 35 years ago (long ago), it was given to me the opportunity to participate in a very interesting contest. There was only one place to reach, and just who would do the best will take it. I remember having so many competitors as I have seen, many of them better trained, faster, smarter,

The new bill of Mexico

I little believe at jokes that arrive by mail, like that of August 27th telling that Mars will look about the size of the moon. And though I’ve fallen in more than one occasion, this has come in joy for me, without seeming offensive to our Mexican friends; we must admit they have a good

Love in the Times of Twitter

He was called Pinkfloyd, she flower_chocolate, His embody a gay silhouette, hers a maroon bronze He only searching on Google, she did it on Yahoo! He popular on Facebook, she only loves Hi5! He blogged in WordPress, she did it in Drupal His passion is to live by AdSense, she ignored her being He used

… Busy but happy

Much to do, wanting to close the year in good peace, and go on holiday with stress in less that 2.5175. I’m waiting for time to return to the egeomate’s rumination at night. And I’m also enjoying many familiar pleasures. My daughter, taking advantage of the Ipad. Curiously, she learned to use it before I

… Of your breath, and more.

Gently I hugged the handle, without the fear that my digital signs will permeate the bronze sharpness, smoked colonial-style, offended by the fat of my task under 5 cars whose brands I don’t remember, which I hardly saw in horizontal inert. I turned left the 83 degrees required for the guttural crunch of the pin,