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37.5 seconds of your last kiss

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. To say you no, would have been easier than to hear you say it. It hurts so much here in the heart; not that I haven’t expected it, not now, maybe never. That’s why I ask for this, one last kiss. Not too

The other and the same time…

As it would be that time I took a moment today to think in that same time.As it would be the same moment, I took another time, to search in my inland regions Those eyes that left marked up what I still feel, although there is no time. No longer the same time As there

If it were only matter to tell about…

…the number of times that I have made a mistake. …when I have offended others, with high, low or no intention. …the times I’ve tripped over the same stone, the same foot, the same nail. everything would be so simple. …only have to have a grocery calculator.  Just do sums without regressions, series and complex

Holiday in + 10 photos

Finally the rest of the holiday comes to an end, pleased to have been enough time with my family. A great loss my Benq camera, the photos (mostly) have been the best from the cell phone. Quality is poor, nor the story behind; there will be time to buy a new one. Reviewing a farm

These young fashion…

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to understand the implications of generational change, the 0.0001784 × 10 +6 graying in my right temple make me forget that years have passed, and not in vain!. Also my children’s therapy of tickling me every 3.0875 minutes, their amazement when they say me “dons g!” and their mother’s affectionate

The good, bad and ugly in less than a day

The good. The last picture of my son before having 11 years, meets on Friday. He says they are Giratina, Jorda and Palkia I don’t like the topic but I love the skill, how I wish I already would have been able to do that at my 10. “… Can you upload this picture to

The sticking out’s tongue, primitive version

TRANSLATION NOTE: Please read the comments (*) at the end of the post to clarify the meaning of some terms and a brief explanation of certain typical Centro American fauna and flora referred in this text. ——————————- Here is one of the best stories told by my father, readjusted to its true origin … origin

Letter to my readers

My appreciate friends: after 925.41666666 days having started the publication of ideas in this space known as Geofumadas, and on the eve of a year about to start, I want to (and I feel I owe) shake the inkwell with explicit direction to the readers. On these days it is difficult to properly identify the

Unforgettable season scenarios

Their fencing class with improvised swords Their penchant even for making fun the supermarket. Their tireless spirit for making lower my belly. Their passion for shouting the goal, inside or outside the court. Simple things that can not be forgotten by the pressure of the mortgage, the unveil day passing, three journeys every two weeks…

The 5 States of Matter

TRANSLATION NOTE: Please read the comments at the end of the post to clarify the real meaning of some terms. Dear friends, I would like to drop a poem of the kind that stir me nostalgic, but it will be another day. For now I’m enjoying a holiday that cost to come, here some superficial

My son and his inventions

Creator: DJ (my son) Age: 10 years Grade: Going to 6th. Character: Future X (1 episode) He says it’s the scheme fully armored with recharged codes. He has been working in this character for some time and although initially I thought it was a simple adaptation of Megaman (Rockman), we must see his comic strips

Finally I am free!

It has been an extremely complicated month, all for wanting to leave well closed administrative processes. Today, after going to collect the last messaging package that was pending, I sat for a moment to enjoy the feeling of having finished things well, and more than feel joy, I dropped the nostalgia of what happened to

Click, click, Click.

4:32 am.   Do I still work until dawn or do I sleep even one hour? tab, esc 4:33 am.  We’ll see if in the refrigerator is one Adrenalina.  esc, F1 4:35 am.  What a cute chicks, how sweet sleep on their holiday.  File, save 4:36 am.  Yep, there’s one Adrenalina, only bigger, but no matter,

Hello…. Is anybody there?

  Do you know any technique for stress standardization, under precision parameters less extreme than the trim applied to left arm veins? That memory will not collapse the CPU more than 70%, considering that I have like 15 things to do, four sleepless nights, two desperate children for going to a walk, a wedding that

… for a great year

Maken veel tekeningen elke week … Verdienen 12 van de 10 punten in de Spaanse komische … Me aan het lachen als ik in een slechte bui … Maak mij een middag reizen voor het krijgen van een goede soep … Het delen van de geekbetekenis in het bloed … Het overwinnen in comic filosofie

Guys who want to live…

Last night I had the privilege of being invited to a wedding, which has left me an interesting flavor in the palate, in these days that exogenous forecasts (if we give them chance) the most they can offer is the option to choose the tool with which cut our veins. They were a youthful couple,