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The Wii, the best of my trip

On my recent trip my son would accompany me, but as friends of the embassy were not consistent over time, we decided that if with that price I’ll find a Wii then I’ll buy it.

Personally am not supporter of many video games for children, but with creatures like these that respect the crazy rule their mother told them to see TV only three days a week… I think they are sufficiently responsible.

How to buy a Wii

clip_image001In these latitudes, it’s not less than $ 400, although there are down speculation exists, on Ebay is a frustration that start at $ 75 base and end up coming to $ 400 plus shipping.

But in America there are other ways to sell what is used, as they were before the weekend newspapers that were crammed with things that nobody wanted to give and with garage sales.

One of the best I found was Craiglist, a sort of board that has subdomains by city and now has gone global. The interesting thing is that in Craigslist you can find free items, as there are some people having things they want to throw away but find it more comfortable giving it away instead of pay out to a landfill, if you want to check them just look for a piano, those who were in homes in the eighties, wood and enamel buttons and you will see that they are free if you bring them.

Left in my rent house. Just pick it up and it’s yours.

Location: Clear Lake

it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Therefore it was just go to houston.craiglist.com, write a few keywords and there was a list of bugs with hair of corn color selling their toys.


In the first call that came, answered a guy who seemed to be g a y, I do not discriminate their personal affections, but his attitude seemed annoyed when he said:

You’ll take it by your own risk, you can’t enter my home to test it, and total it is only $ 150.

After spending a few cents on used sales, where indeed you lose your pride, you can find many things; we went to Wallmart to get the orders from my wife.

There were two boys in the playground enjoying the Wii, they were from El Salvador and gave us instructions that things we could ask and see to make sure it worked. Then they gave us names of a couple of shops that sell guaranteed used games, and the Tomtom was a marvel.

How to test

We did not, as did not have time and the guarantee was sufficient.

$202, including the base, a remote control and extra nunchuk, 4 games and $10 of discount to buy another game.

It was necessary to put it in the hand luggage, and remove in the pan of the airport like a laptop. With what it had cost me to accommodate it all night.

How to install

My kids were in charge of connecting, it worked fully and when we didn’t know what to do we went to the user manual on the internet.

It was necessary to press the sync button on the remote as both the console and be at a distance of one meter to see the cursor … this was in the manual.

Listo, los chicos están felices, les dejé de tarea que deben leerse todo el manual y explicármelo por la noche pues hay muchas recomendaciones de salud y cuidados necesarios.  De paso les pedí que me investigaran como llegó hasta allí esa evolución y porqué se llama Wii.

Ready, the kids are happy, I left them the task that they should read the entire manual and explain me at night as there are many health recommendations and necessary care. By the way I asked them to investigate how it got there the changes and why it’s called Wii.


My son can not use it until the next month, provided to improve his score in mathematics, it’s a deal and my daughter stood in solidarity and decided to wait as well. They are lovely.

The one who will wait will be myself : D.

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