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The other side of the iPad

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post.

A family afternoon, there’s nothing like this for liberating pressures. I wanted to make this post to keep balance with my daughter’s pictures with the Ipad, or they will fight for it.


clip_image002This is sky’s other side, the best photos I have taken him are giving stomach’s (*) pleasure with a chicken, sailor, mondongo or simply Maggi’s noodle soup … indeed, he doesn’t put down his shirt.

But the drawings of this element are another matter. He has spent just moments making textures in the iPad for sharing on emudesk and emudigital, or experimenting changing emulated characters images in Progect 64. This is why it’s easy to punish him, just leave him without playing games for a month and become an angel; one day I asked if he would prefer a couple of spanks (**) or a week without games:

-The spanks, said with two industrial-sized tears because in a couple of hours it doesn’t hurts me…


It seems he was born with this these drawings were rescued from the trash. These are his sixth grade music notebook’s partial divider… just awesome how much time was spent there.

This is Samus fighting with Ridley, the monster. At the background in green tone, it’s hardly seen Brinstar’s fingernails.

Taken from Nintendo’s game called Super Metroid.

On one side can be seen the seal from the music and singing teacher.


Above, behind the Roman numerals III, is Mega Man X.

And he says the characters drawn below are invented ice lions that don’t have name yet.

The diagonal line is the check of the teacher revision who suggested doing some drawing for the dividers.

clip_image005This is Lan, from Megaman Star Force II, with the mask back.

This was drawn from Nintendo Club Issue 5, page 19, year 18.

It won’t have a very aesthetic letter but indeed, he draws. My will is to see him when learning how to use AutoDesk Maya.

One day these will be famous and I’ll auction original sketches. clip_image006


(*) buche: This is a jargon used to refer to our stomach. But it really applies to bird’s stomach

(**) fajazos: This is translates as spanks.

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