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The most important thing today, and in 60 years

clip_image001I am leaving to a journey; it’s those kinds of trips that are very long. I left you in the company of Live Writer where I have something scheduled for the fidelity of the readers but I want to take advantage of the time for these trips is when I get nostalgic at the third call from my daughter asking me to come back to finish the puzzle.

Yesterday when I was at a friend’s funeral I was meditating beside the flowers from the grave. I know, this is not a technology smoke, but I am clear that knowledge by its usefulness can be methodological, practical, and even emancipator. So… there it goes.

What is most important in your life?

Your career, it is probably, finishing the college, master or possibly a PhD. Make sure that you will have a competitive position enough with respect your contemporaries and that nobody can judge you didn’t utilized your full potential.

Your work, have better results for your efforts and show you that you are the winner that 36 years ago surpassed the race against 5 million of spermatozoa. And by the way allows you comfortably have what your parents could not.

Enjoy, take it easy with friends, have some girlfriends that anyone can envy and that nobody is bothering you for leaving their shoes in the living, for dinner pizza at 2 am or by not repairing the roof plate that makes noise when wind.

Your technological toys that will fill the needs in what is your passion, being it a digital tablet, a camera, gps or just glasses with Bluetooth.

What will be the most important thing in 60 years?

Imagine you are on your deathbed, your doctor has told you that you are just a few hours of life and prepare yourself because at the rhythm you are suffering convulsions rate the risk is at any time. So I decide to take the minutes, at your 96 years, what would you do:

Please bring me the university title, my master’s degree and my four books I have written. I’ll want their here at this table, I want to remember how I took out my career, working and studying, see how much production has left from my brain …

Perhaps it may not be that, and you might say, bring me to my colleagues, those who worked with me before I turn 50, I want to be seen by them because I want to feel the succeeded in my life and that they were unable to reach even with better academic and opportunities …

Bring the girlfriends I had, I want them to join me in this last moment and remember me that although I never got married with them, I was privileged to be loved by each one of them…

Or perhaps you say: I want here my tablet, I wish to be connected to the browser and someone update my Facebook for the last time, I would also like to make one more entry in my blog to explain that last AutoCAD trick that was reserved for a special day… in my coffin put my Benq camera, my external hard drive and my wii console.

No Sir…

Sure you’ll say: Bring my children, I want to see them for the last time, bring to me the lady who accompanied me all my life, I want to caress her pretty face and tell clip_image002her for the last time that I ever loved her …

I repeat again. I know this is not exactly a technological smoke but…

Aren’t they adorable?

Indeed, they will also be in 60 years

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