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The most commented on egeomate

This is a summary of the post with the most registered comments; I have selected clip_image002those who reach at least 10 comments.

About natural wonders (156), perhaps what happens to these posts is that they are of general interest and everyone wakes up in the patriotism’s spine. Although there have been added issues to the subject only for territorial interest … but that has meant nothing less than 156 reviews.

  • (94) Vote for the 7 natural wonders
  • (27) 7 natural wonders What rays happened?
  • (18) Which are the 7 natural wonders that will win
  • (17) What’s up with the 7 natural wonders vote, January 2008

clip_image004About AutoCAD (119) here goes out to highlight an actual issue because being in 2008 we now use AutoCAD 2009 (!!!) but it seems to me there’s here something more for that strange fashion of our Hispanic countries for a technical practice known as piracy.

  • (91) Free Download of AutoCAD 2009
  • (15) What’s right in AutoCAD 2009
  • (13) Learning AutoCAD with videos

clip_image006Between Excel and AutoCAD (103), this because in this field I have provided some tools that solves an everyday necessity although most tools have been focused both for AutoCAD and Microstation.

  • (44) Chow to import points from Excel to AutoCAD
  • (26) From Excel to AutoCAD, a summary of the best
  • (10) Create a bearing and distances table from UTM coordinates
  • (12) Building a polygonal with AutoCAD and Excel
  • (11) Exporting coordinates from CAD to txt

clip_image008Google Earth and other perversions (98), what to say, everybody likes Google Earth but want to see how to make best use of it for entertainment, leisure and perversion.

  • (31) How to place a photo in Google Earth
  • (25) CUTM Coordinates in Google Earth
  • (18) Do image have better resolution in Google Earth pro?
  • (14) Google Earth will be used in Argentina to prevent tax evasion
  • (10) Synchronize ArcGIS with Google Earth

clip_image010By wiggles and ESRI and Bentley brands (57), the kill a beach post was wiggled, that’s why it got 16 comments. The other two are the result of insisting with exercises between Microstation and ArcView

  • (16) how to kill a beach
  • (15) What’s up with Bentley and WMS services
  • (15) ESRI products, what are they used for?
  • (11) 27 years of Microstation

Although the most commented post that has been submitted, and that to date has not passed moderation is:

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