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The map of the mobile telephony

Now that the Amazon Kindle has been available to more than 100 countries through the mobile networks EDGE / GPRS or 3G, it becomes interesting to know the coverage these have in the world.

To do this, Amazon refers to this map; which I almost swear that’s served with Open Layers.


There you have Europe, an enviable, privilege while in far East stand out India for coverage, Japan, Korea and Thailand for 3G, where unwilling to Obama there seems to be nothing or its connectivity does not have this kind of opening.

The map below is from U.S. with 3G coverage in many urban metropolis cities.


The case of the Caribbean zone is curious, Costa Rica with its state telephony reflects what many comment, advanced in many things but for mobile telephony there is a calamity (as in Cuba?). Puerto Rico is an exception.


clip_image004And in South America it can be seen how the south of Brazil, Uruguay and northeastern Argentina have the highest concentration.

If this would measure connectivity’s development or access, it would be questionable what we see with Paraguay, Peru and Colombia.

But anyway, we’ll see if the Kindle becomes popular among Hispanics, now that there is a cheaper version that can read PDF and blogs via RSS without having to pay for that access. It remains to be seen if the facilities break barriers such as limited content available in Spanish, the quality of the reader aloud in a strange accent and the little usual to read.

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