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The Dancing Chocolate Girl


Several times I mentioned the Dancing Chocolate girl; today I want to promote its useful abstraction for one reason:

Go there and you with her.

This is part of the post “Get a lover“. As open as mind can be, deep, practical, subliminal. It’s a pleasure how she can combine her passion for tales, stories, poems, garden, without losing its geologist vocation with her mania towards GIS technology.


Because it is summer and it serves me to make a balance, today I bring to you something that I have been thinking over for a few days…

Because sometimes it is useless your fancy for YOUR job and you need something more; because you can’t, nor want, live your life only pending on HIS life or the bits of time he dedicates to you, because YOUR friends fill you but are not sufficient or are not even close.

Because YOUR mind, YOUR body, YOUR soul always takes you for more and that is why if you can’t find it you don’t feel well. Because to be happy you need a it more, you just have to have a passion…

In these days of balance, thinking of what has been this year and what’s coming in September I am looking for new lovers, yes, lovers as it calls them Jorge Bucay, whose text I bring you today. I have always had several lovers, I’m an unfaithful woman by nature, sometimes they have been longer, sometimes less, sometimes more intense, sometimes less, sometimes have led me to insanity and depletion, and others have stayed with me because always feed a part of me… the truth is that now I am planning which ones will be those in the next course and I imagine entangled in them, passionate, submerged, fascinated, because they lead me to other sites, other “ME”, other “YOU”, other forms of being between YOU and ME and without them life for me wouldn’t be the same…

Perhaps YOU also go these days thinking about the Nia classes you’ll begin once return of your trip, or that theatre classes you always wanted to take, or you’ll buy that bike to go out and feel free, or you’ll sign up in those creative writing courses that you have sought and that fancy you, or you may decide it is time to be supportive (@) and join that ONG you’ve investigated so much, or return to dance classes, and learn how to do Striptease definitely, or you change home because you decided that you don’t already want to live more time without a garden, because you need to see and care for plants, putting hands on earth and go through life never forgetting to smell the flowers or you become mad again for reading and devour each book that falls into your hands while you’re on the subway, or maybe you start to cook after feeling that relaxes you and do it for you, your friends, for him, for her and become a whole passion and recipe for your well being at the same time…

For you who read me and still don’t know very well what I’m speaking about, here I leave you a text, which I had already shared with you since Imagining Identities, so as to reflect on YOUR life and YOUR lovers, YOUR passions, YOUR love and THE TIME you spend to what you really like and how HAPPY or UNHAPPY that makes you…

“Many people have a lover and many others would like to have one. And there are those who don’t, because don’t want and those who had one and lost it, or decided to lose it.”

Mysteriously these last two groups are generally which most go to medical consultation to say they are sad or have different symptoms: insomnia, lack of clip_image002desire, pessimism, crying crisis or different kinds of pains. They tell their lives pass monotonous and without expectations, working just to survive and they don’t know how to spend their free time.

At last, words more, words less, they are really without expectations. Before telling this they already have visited other clinics where they received the sympathy of a reliable diagnosis: depression and the inevitable antidepressant prescription. I, after listening carefully, tell them that what they need isn’t an antidepressant; what they really need…IS A LOVER.

Go there and read it completely.


The sample should be enough to understand why it fascinates me, how I wish I would have the amount of comments it arouses. Of course, to see the photos in high resolution clip_image003 will have to add it to Facebook.

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